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Vijfde Groep

Dec 12, 2021 | 0 comments

What a week. Sorry for the delay in getting these notes posted. I’m just a bit sleep deprived from a week of being on Dutch time…had to have an extended nap.


Day Five started out with the weakest collection of horses of the entire first viewing. After the lunch break, the quality drastically improved. But, it was a rough morning. There were many moments I contemplated just going back to bed. What stopped me, even though I had about three-and-a-half hours of sleep last night? I always learn more from the “niet aangewezen” horses than I do from the “aangewezen”. The education opportunities were abundant this morning.


Additionally, I didn’t agree with many of the jury’s decisions today. They accepted a number of stallions I wouldn’t have, and they didn’t accept two or three that I would have. I always defer to them. They both know the needs of the KWPN breeding population better than I and have much more experience in training dressage horses than I. That being said, there were some puzzling decisions.


#462 Imposantos x Quantensprung x Laurie’s Crusador

-slightly better type than the rest of the Imposantos sons

-better front leg

-much better balance

-needs more uphill tendency

-again, hocky

-little longer lined than most of the sons

-better walk


#524 Kaiser Weltino x Houston x Ulft

-OK mover

-could be longer lined

-needs more uphill tendency

-not special

-needs more power

-out behind in hand

-lots of sport in the mareline


#455 I’m Perfect STH x Samba Hit x Farrington

-short croup

-good mover with lots of scope

-good front leg, lots of reach

-uphill tendency

-good hind leg

-not a special type

-good walk


-moments of good bending


#472 Janiero Platinum x United x Rousseau

-better type

-good mover, very light on his feet

-lovely front

-good balance

-could be a little longer lined


#494 Just Wimphof x Ferro x Romancier

-damline of Giovanni

-butt high

-short croup


-OK mover

-needs stronger uphill tendency

-short topline


#521 Just Wimphof x San Remo x Gribaldi


-needs more uphill tendency

-chunky type

-good mover

-less hocky

-needs longer lines


#496 Just Wimphof x Apache x Jazz

-2x Jazz in mareline

-has more uphill tendency than most Just Wimphof sons

-strong horse

-good hind leg

-looks more Apache than Just Wimphof


#458 Imposantos x Fellini x Jacorde

-best Imposantos by far

-long lines

-very good mover, maybe a little too much knee

-uphill enough

-better type, but still a hair old fashioned


#497 Just Wimphof x Jazz x Juventus

-granddam a grand prix horse

-good scope

-needs more uphill tendency

-nice enough type

-good hind leg

-not special

-questionable walk


#499 Just Wimphof x Galaxie x Apache

-2x Jazz

-damline of Dundee M and some grand prix horses

-lovely type

-really pretty horse

-hocky, but very expressive mover


-needs more power

-definitely sickle hocked


#495 Just Wimphof x Vivaldi x Ferro

-grand prix horses Domingo and Pastiche from this line, lots of sport in the damline

-also hocky

-long lines

-needs more uphill tendency

-nice type



#506 Kensington x Painted Black x Highness

-one of my favorites today

-dam scored a 10 on her canter in her IBOP

-sire, Kensington, was selected for the testing in Denmark after being sold to Helgstrand, but died before the testing

-long lines

-very uphill

-good front

-lots of scope in the movement

-very good horse


#485 Just Wimphof x Jazz x Ferro

-multiple approved stallions from this line:  Johnny Depp, Redford, Foundation, Kaiman…

-strong damline

-slightly short in croup

-little off type

-has a lot of movement potential

-maybe a little short in the topline


#508 Kilimangaro x Negro x Krack C

-another one of my favorites

-Jameson RS2 damline

-very good mover

-lovely type


-beautiful horse


#511 Blu Hors Kingston x Vivaldi x Houston

-damline of Chinook and Desperado

-same type as the rest of the Kingstons

-better mover

-still needs longer lines

-nice horse


#512 Blu Hors Kingston x Florencio x Havidoff

-damline of Night Shadow and many successful dressage horses


-same type

-could be longer lined

-lifts well in the movement


-slightly out behind at moments near the end/tired?


#513 Blu Hors Kingston x Florencio x Houston

-Caprice damline

-Same type with an obvious influence of Florencio


-good mover, but still a bit hocky

-looks like a horse that will be much better under saddle


OK! That’s it until the nakeuring next Wednesday. Fingers crossed for #396…