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Vierde Groep

Dec 9, 2021 | 0 comments

Well…the day started out with a bang; six horses selected out of the first group. Since only 12 out of 50 were selected total for the day, you can guess what happened in the next five groups. Glock’s Toto Jr was the big winner today. As far as the others,there were a lot of comments about incorrect fundament, not enough uphill tendency in the movement, not using the back. There were a few super horses not accepted that surprised me, and a couple that were accepted I didn’t expect. It’s enormously difficult to judge this from a screen, so I will defer to the jury’s decisions.


#412 Furst Bischof x Samba Hit x Monteverdi

-really nice type

-good mover, athletic

-super balance

-could bend in the hind leg better

-slightly long in the hind leg


#413 Furstenball x Florencio x Krack C

-very uphill

-long lined

-looks like a good hind leg

-stiff in the topline–his posture looks held and not fluid through the back


#431 Glock’s Toto Jr x Citango x Jet Set D

-dam line of Just Mickey

-good mover

–good hind leg

-Toto Jr type

-little short in the neck w/slight under neck


#422 Glock’s Toto Jr. x Sorento x Rousseau

-big shoulder and wither

-Toto Jr. type

-long hind leg

-good mover

-could have more bending


#434 Glock’s Toto Jr x Desperado x Florencio

-nicer type

-good mover

-more supple

-could bend more in the hind leg, but better in hand


#441 Glock’s Toto Jr x Don Tango B x Sion

-dam line of Johnson

-good mover

-needs better balance

-nice front

-nice type


#433 Glock’s Toto Jr x Apache x Flemmingh

-more modern type

-very good mover

-nice front

-best Toto Jr so far

-a little hocky


#427 Glock’s Toto Jr x Metall x Krack C

-lovely type

-good bending

-good mover

-little hocky


-can really sit

-another really good Toto Jr.

-not as good in hand


#428 Glock’s Toto Jr x Riccione x Sandro Hit

-same dam as Just Wimphof

-lovely type

-better uphill tendency

-moments of very good movement, but needs more power

-very easy mover


-walk not so good


#436 Glock’s Toto Jr x Ampere x Jazz

-dam line of Kjento and Mowgli

-more uphill

-better type

-good bending

-still a bit weak in the topline


-expressive front

-little hocky


#416 Glamourdale x Uptown x Jazz

-same dam as Inclusive


-short legged

-weak in topline

-moments of very good front leg

-not crazy about him


#449 Habanna x Lupicor x Ferro

-dam line with lots of jumping and dressage, Royal Caliber (Olympic jumper)


-great balance

-good mover


-little heavy in type


-good horse

-much different breeding

-can sit


-good front and good bending

-not really a modern type, but, to quote Jaques Verkerk in describing Judgement:

“Maybe not modern in type, but he is modern in the way he uses his body”