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Tweede Groep

Dec 7, 2021 | 0 comments

Another tough day for many breeders. Only 14 horses selected out of 55. The jury only took four horses in the first three groups. I would only have taken two. The fourth group had six selected, but then the last two groups only had two each. They selected a couple horses I wouldn’t have, but there were three others I would have taken. Today’s collection included more foreign sires, Deparon US, and Vivaldi and his sons. 


#304 Apache x Ampere x Jazz

-stiff, short neck, really narrow

-waspy waisted

-better canter

-damline of Astrix


#318 Dante’s Junior x Sion x Figaro

-not special, nice enough, but not a stallion

-needs more expression and uphill tendency


#321 Deparon US x Uphill x San Remo

-very good mover

-+ hind leg

-better trot than canter


-slightly heavy in type

-good horse


#332 Desperado x Enzo Ferrari x Florencio

-good mover, good expression

-better trot than canter

-slight Vivaldi neck/back connection


#323 Deparon US x Spielberg x D-Day

-damline of Vitalis

-good mover, but quick in his step

-needs more front and more power

-want to like him more than I do


#336 Dream Boy x Uphill x Flemmingh

-++ mover, lot of expression

-nice type

-maybe drops off behind the wither a hair


#337 Dream Boy x United x Lancet

-big horse, but still good type

-good mover

-a little hocky, but still uphill in the movement


#343 Escamillo x Ferguson x DeNiro


-supple, expressive, good bending

-could lift more in the withers


-little small


#348 Escamillo x Governor x First Final


-good scope in movement

-needs to lift more in the wither, but good placement of the hindleg

-little short in the neck

-very pronounced wither makes him look as if he’s lifting through the wither more than he is


#350 Escamillo x Vivaldi x Don Schufro

-best Escamillo

-Total US damline

-again, hocky

-very supple

-better lift in the wither

-good balance

-good mover, expressive front leg

-slightly short in the walk


#344 Escamillo x Zack x Tolando

-again, prominent wither, but more uphill

-better type than most of the Escamillos

-++ balance


#574 Vitalis x Diamond Hit x Rubinstein

-good mover

-slightly better type than most Vitalis, but still a little heavy

-cranking head and neck back instead of using the topline

-has some really nice moments


#575 Vitalis x All at Once x Negro

-Champion of this year’s Stallion Show!

-by far, BEST horse of the two days

-+++ mover


-Jameson damline

-convince Michaela to breed all our mares in Holland to him


#578 Vivaldi x D-Day x Argus

-full brother to Vitalis

-++ mover

-really expressive

-better type than the second brother not accepted last year

-maybe a little weak in the topline


Also, news on the On Top SSF front:  His presentation is delayed until the nakeuring on the 15th. Nothing serious. Horses.