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I am fortunate enough to have trained Godot SSF (UB-40 x Sir Sinclair) for the past three years. This is easily the best horse I’ve had the opportunity to train for this long. He is so clever, has the best character and work ethic, and the work is just so easy for him; at just seven years old, he will be making his FEI debut! I am also the proud owner of two younger SSF horses, JaBam SSF (Everdale x Jazz) and Godot’s younger brother, Kanadian SSF. Both of these young boys have the greatest characters and super athletic ability that I would expect from the SSF breeding program. I am so excited for their future, I hope to have two more exciting horses for big sport.

Scot’s knowledge and passion for breeding are producing absolutely top horses that rival any program in Europe. He and his family are also maybe some of the nicest in the horse business, and it’s been a delight working with them over the past couple years. Shooting Star Farm will definitely be the first place I look when I’m in the market for another foal.

Godot SSF (UB-40 x BoWendy by Sir Sinclair)

JaBam SSF (Everdale x Orchis by Jazz)

Kanadian SSF (UB-40 x BoWendy by Sir Sinclair)

Eiren Crawford

Owner/Trainer, All Points Dressage

I have the horse of my dreams, thanks to Scot and Shooting Star Farm. I bought Horatio SSF, aka Riddles, as a six month old. Scot helped me to work out a payment plan that I could afford and was absolutely exceptional to deal with. I have handled Riddles as a baby and he has been the easiest horse to start—he’s brave, athletic and smart and I’m thankful for every time I get to ride him! I would absolutely buy another SSF horse and when my friends ask me where I got such a fancy horse with a good brain, I say Shooting Star Farm!

Horatio SSF (UB-40 x Werites by Freestyle)

Jen Barrett

Owner/Trainer, Chestnut Hill Farm, LLC

I can’t express enough how genuine Scot Tolman and family are. I feel privileged to have met them and have one of their horses coming into my program… I am beyond excited to get started with Lambo next year.

My experience with Shooting Star Farm has been nothing but the best, from the quality of their horses, their hospitality and most importantly their integrity. The Tolman family has made an obvious commitment to not only breeding the top horses in the U.S., but they stand behind the horses they breed and take personal satisfaction in knowing their horses are in the right situations. To say that I can’t wait and am excited to start this extremely talented horse is truly an understatement.

Lamborghini SSF (Sir Sinclair x D’Orites SSF by Donatelli I)

Carrie Wilson

Owner/Trainer, Wilson Sport Horses

I learned of Scot Tolman and Shooting Star Farm through his article in Warmbloods Today. I agreed with many of his points in the article and loosely followed his breeding business through the internet while I was in college. After working for Johan Rockx and his wife, Penny, in the Netherlands; both breeders of Dutch Warmbloods, I sought to purchase a foal to raise and train.

I am a professional dressage rider based in Texas, and Shooting Star Farm was the only farm that was truly everything I needed to make my situation work. They are knowledgeable and give great care to the horses, the animals produced are all balanced in conformation, gaits and character. I was most impressed that Scot is highly regarded in the Netherlands as a breeder and is familiar with the KWPN system for rating individuals and breeding combinations. He is also easy to work with and very professional.

This was my first experience purchasing a foal in utero and Luna Lovegood SSF is exactly what I wanted. I can’t wait to have more horses from this program.

Luna Diem SSF (Connaisseur x Carpe Diem SSF by Farrington)

Ashley Shaw

Owner/Trainer, Ashley Shaw Dressage

Everyone says he is the quietest, friendliest colt they’ve met. Here is Adonis at 5 years old and getting more gorgeous by the day. Work has started back up in earnest.  Expect to see us in the show ring this summer.

Registration just about complete.  Waiting on DNA sample to return. Adonis SSF will now finally be a credit to your breeding program.

Adonis SSF (Donatelli x Kirona by Volkmar)

Kathy Palumbo


I first met the Tolmans on a rainy, early spring day
in 2000.  I had imported a Dutch mare and was considering breeding her as a three year old.  Somehow, I came across the Shooting Star Farm website, liked Zeoliet a lot, realized that they were located about an hour away from me in New Hampshire, and decided to call.  As a good, mutual friend of the Tolmans and myself has said, it was like “cosmic velcro”.  We have been good friends almost ever since!

Although some of the first creatures that I saw at SSF were actually goats, kittens, and a really big turkey, the quality of Scot’s mares was undeniable the moment I laid eyes on them. Later that year, I had the good fortune to be at the keuring at which SSF presented Oladaula and Orchis for their studbook inspection. To this day, (and I am sure that I have told Scot and others this a whole bunch of times), I can still remember seeing Oladaula presented. It still gives me goosebumps. Even though I had been fortunate to be riding at a farm with some very high quality FEI horses, the natural self-carriage and power that Oladaula expressed stood out in comparison. This mare was a dressage powerhouse- no doubts there. Orchis was equally impressive- a much softer mover somehow in the way horses can differ- powerful and with a great deal of self-carriage. It was a treat to see.

Perhaps even more of a treat, though, are Scot and his family. Scot is passionate about his horses and passionate about his family. He is a natural teacher, which means that he is also a natural student. He is willing and happy to share his own years of knowledge and also willing to listen to others and debate the possibilities. It is tremendous fun to talk about bloodlines, mares, stallions, and the hopes of the coming foals with Scot.  It is also fun to know such a great family, have dinner, and just relax with them.

One word of warning though, leave your checkbook at home if you go to Holland with Scot because you will see some amazing horses and just may be tempted to bring one home!  I speak from experience, without regret of course!  My lovely mare Tudaula is a result of an “educational” trip to the Borculo foal auction in Holland with Scot.  I figured that Borculo would be a good opportunity to educate my eyes on young stock. Prior to my purchase of a KWPN mare two years prior to my trip with Scot, I have been only involved in the riding side of horses. My purchase of a mare convinced me that I needed to start learning about breeding too. I had only limited experience with evaluating young stock so off I went to Europe with Scot and crew to start my education!

I did actually manage to make it through the auction without buying a horse. There were a number of really nice foals and it was a terrific way to start to educate my eye. It was on the whirlwind, food-deprived farm tours that I found my gorgeous girl, Tudaula. (Another word of warning- if you do ever decide to go to Europe with Scot- bring snacks, lots of snacks- because his brain switches to horse-mode and you’ll be lucky to get any food on a regular basis!)  Scot brought us to Eugenie van Dam’s farm- the breeder who was one of the founders of the Daula mareline and who had bred Oladaula. As with all the breeders we met, they showed us all their breeding stock with pride. As the mares and foals came out, they consistently had powerful hindlegs, expression, and the natural self-carriage that had made such an impression on me with Oladaula. Tudaula was a yearling when I saw her- gawky and sort of ugly as only yearlings can be. She trotted around the ring two or three times- then decided that she would much rather visit with the folks on the side of the ring than pay attention to the crazy woman cracking the whip (Eugenie) in the center of the ring. Right then and there, seeing her brain work, I knew that she had to come home with me! I have never regretted it, even though I have had some lean months because of her. She has been a joy to work with and is probably one of the most fun horses I have ever ridden. I owe Scot many, many thanks for bringing me to her.  And to top it off, Tudaula was the top mare at the New England keuring and won the special ribbon for conformation that day as well. She also ended up the #1 mare for conformation in the country in 2004. She is now in foal to Donatelli due in early August with plans to start her serious riding career on weaning of the babe.

I guess that I should also say that you should leave your checkbook at home when you go to visit SSF as well. I fell in love with a wee, week old filly in the spring of 2003 named Wendy Daula. I bought her a year or so later. Again, it was an emotional reaction for me. But then again, isn’t that what it is all about?

If you have ever read Scot’s journal or have spoken with him, I think that you will realize that it is an emotional thing for him too. I think that it is one of the reasons that he has been such a wonderful person to know and from where a good deal of his success in breeding comes.  He can see the golden thread that weaves through the generations to produce such amazing horses because he has the passion to make it glow.

Many thanks to Scot for being part of the passion and wonder for me. And here’s to many more years of friendship- and horses!

Tudaula (Krack C x Luky Daula by Balzflug) pictured

Wendy Daula SSF (Rafurstinels x Pioendaula by Pion)

Jennifer Tousignant

Owner, Rhodes End Farm

Franco SSF aka Jimmy is now 8 yrs old. Emily (my daughter) took a different route with Jimmy and trained him to be an event horse. Wow, is he athletic. Now showing at training level and placing at the top, 2018 winter season in Florida. His personality is impeccable and loves Emily dearly. Her patience and consistency is paying off. Emily and Jimmy are in training with professional event ride Jonathan Holling in Florida.

Franco SSF (UB-40 x Bowendy by Sir Sinclair)


Cindy Szokol


My introduction to Shooting Star Farm was through my friend, Eiren Crawford, and the amazing horse Godot SSF. I was so impressed with “Sammy” that I asked Eiren where he came from and she enthusiastically told me about Scot Tolman and his terrific breeding program. After a series of friendly emails, I ended up with my name on a several month old foal by the name of Knockout SSF (Eye Catcher x Bon Bravour) otherwise known as “Champ”. I had the opportunity to see Eye Catcher perform in Verden in 2014 at the young horse finals so I was extremely excited to have a foal by him. I traveled to New Hampshire in July 2015 to meet Champ in person and make the purchase official. Scot and Carol treated me with a warm welcome and a delicious brunch, followed by a showing of all the “kids” on the farm. Scot’s pride, passion and commitment to breeding the best Dutch Warmbloods in the world was palpable and great fun to witness first hand. I was totally smitten with Champ upon seeing him trot around with his dam, Gazania. His character and even tempered disposition were apparent even then, and his dam was equally impressive. Fast forward to today, Champ has proven to be the most impressive young horses that I’ve ever worked with. He has an outstanding brain, but so much character. And he’s also a terrific mover with very correct confirmation. I truly believe that Champ is the product of smart and compassionate breeding, and that is why he is so trainable and easy to work around. I have put fewer miles on him than any other horse I’ve backed and started. He has made my job as a trainer extremely easy and fun- I wish I could fill my barn with horses like Champ! I am extremely excited to see what the future holds for this amazing horse.

Knockout SSF (Eye Catcher x Gazania by Bon Bravour)

Below: Video of ‘Champ’ as a 3 year old at his very first show! He scored an 80.3!

Emily Donaldson

Owner, Emily Donaldson Dressage