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Alicia Winter with T.Lente as she is awarded high point adult horse at the
New England keuring in 2003.

Mare – Chestnut

KWPN keur
Olympic Vincent Pretendent keur
Oleprinses keur pref prest
Gonnie kroon pref Commandant
Bottie kroon pref
KWPN keur pref
Farrington keur Wellington keur
Onetty ster
Deolien keur pref prest Amor pref
Olien kroon pref

Now, we don’t actually own this mare, but I have made arrangements to buy her 2005 foal. Our good friend, Alicia Winter, of Winter Warmbloods in Kent, Ct., imported this mare on a buying trip with me four years ago. T.Lente has gone on to be a top ten ster mare, top ten keur mare, and an exceptional beauty. In my ever elusive search of adding Cabochon blood to our program, I couldn’t help myself. So, filly or colt, this Freestyle x Cabochon will be one of the most anticipated SSF 2005 arrival. I’d also like to say that I’m really proud of Alicia. She has presented only four horses at NA/WPN keurings, but two of them have gone top ten. Excellent work!