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SSF Start of Summer Update

Jun 17, 2020 | 0 comments

Well, I hope all of you are surviving the craziness engulfing the world these days. Was just listening to a pandemic expert being interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air–sounds as if this is far from over. Stay safe out there.

It’s been a really busy breeding and sales Spring for SSF. I had anticipated a drop in both breeding and sales due to COVID-19, but that hasn’t been the case. Gaudi is closing in on 100 bookings again this year, and we’ve sold two foals and three yearlings. Michaela does a great job keeping our website updated, but I’ll give you a quick overview:

Osei SSF (Hiro T x Atleet x Manno) SOLD

Ocho SSF (Gaudi x Sir Sinclair x Jazz) SOLD

Oliscia SSF (Gaudi x Farrington x Pass the Glass xx) SOLD

Paeonia SSF (Vivino x Charmeur x Santano) SOLD

Power Play SSF (Gaudi x Bon Bravour x Santano) SOLD

We have the following still available:

OzaVita SSF (Democraat x Contango x Elcaro)

Oserenia SSF (For Ferrero x Charmeur x Santano)

Piadine SSF (Gaudi x Atleet x Manno)

And potentially:

Vivino x Sir Sinclair x Jazz

Vivino x Contango x Elcaro


Breeding Update for 2021

Confirmed in foal:

Jovian x Totilas x Jazz

Gaudi x Donatelli x Jazz

D’Avie x Bon Bravour x Santano

Gaudi x Freestyle x Jazz



Fynch Hatton x Charmeur x Santano

Fynch Hatton x Franklin x Santano


Still to breed:

Gaudi x Atleet x Manno

Jaleet x Michigan’s Heir to the Throne x (Oh, my god. I actually forgot the rest of the pedigree)

Vivino (I think) x Sir Sinclair x Jazz

Jaleet x Contango x Elcaro

Will be a busy foaling season next year. Our first foals start in March…that’s super early for us. Our last foal is this year is due the first couple days of August, so I imagine we’ll be on foal watch from mid-March to early August next year. Happy to share the password for our cameras if anyone wants to take a shift! I don’t function so well on no sleep anymore.

Exciting News!

You’ve probably seen this on Facebook already, but we are thrilled to have a new mare. Matthiola (Franklin x Santano x Biotop). Thanks to my friend Gerard Vervoorn for breeding this super mare, and for agreeing to sell her to us. This is the most celebrated dressage mareline in Holland, and we now have eleven mares from this line, either currently in our breeding program or reserved for our program, and two stallion prospects. Matthiola has already begun keuring prep. Fingers crossed she is as successful as her two sisters were who are already in our program. Matthiola will stay in Holland for breeding.


Things in the Works

I guess the biggest thing we have in the works is Nadal SSF (Just Wimphof x Charmeur x Santano) about to begin prep for the stallion selection process. Nadal passed his x-rays, so he is now PROK. Hopefully, he continues to develop well and is selected for Den Bosch. This will be a real dream-come-true moment for me if we can sit at our table and see a colt we bred being shown in the Brabanthallen. Fingers crossed. He’s got the type, the movement, and the mareline, so I’m hopeful, but you never know. Horses are horses, and they do stupid things. The Stallion Selection Committee is the Stallion Selection Committee, and they occasionally make decisions that confuse me. We’ll see.

Gaudi Offspring

We couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of foals Gaudi is producing. Thank you to all of you who have supported him and trusted us in selecting a stallion for the North American market. As you’ve probably seen on social media or our Sired by Gaudi page, we’re seeing consistently high quality foals out of a wide variety of mares. The next step is to see these babies undersaddle, but I have every confidence people are going to be thrilled with the brain and the talent of these horses. 

Wim says he likes to take a break for Christmas, but, otherwise, we will collect Gaudi as late as anyone needs semen.

On the SSF Family Front

We have a wedding in August! Keagan and Lisa have had to cut their guest list by more than half, but the wedding is still on. It will be nice to have such a wonderful celebration amid all the chaos in the world.

Carol had back surgery a few weeks ago, and is pain free for the first time in years. Her recovery is going well…other than dealing with a grouchy husband. Grouchy because she doesn’t follow directions so well–and, probably moreso, because I don’t take directions so well…we all have our shortcomings!

And, future breeder, Ava Tolman Low, turns two in August. The Force is strong in this one. Her favorite horse right now is Bill Duffy and Erin Shea’s Dutch Harness mare here for breeding–Tidee is a frequently-requested participant in our nightly Face Time. I love the DHHs. We can switch the program if necessary. (That hurt a little even to type…)


In Closing

I have a series of questions from people I intend to answer in one or multiple Journal entries. If you have a thought or question you’d like addressed, don’t hesitate to send it to me.

Stay strong and safe during this crazy time. I’d be completely up for a Zoom cocktail hour to talk about horses if anyone is interested.