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Good day for SSF at the New England keuring. High point dressage mare, top IBOP, top DG Bar Cup, new keur mare once her X-rays are done, new ster mare, new ster eligible mare, and a first premium baby. Thanks to Lyn Spinella and Carly Fisher for graciously hosting. Thanks to Zaz Putnam, Erin Shea, and Ali Redston for prepping and riding mares. Thanks to Farmer Morelli for all his work pre keuring and during. And, of course, thanks to Michaela Tolman for dotting the i’s, crossing the t’s, and repping SSF in the ring. It was great to see everyone and be at an actual keuring after a two-year hiatus.


Some lovely images from our keuring thanks to Dallys Mallefant Photography. Lighter chestnut mare is Olympites SSF (Secret x Donatelli x Jazz) with Erin Shea riding. Dark chestnut is Nobilites SSF (Borsalino x Totilas x Jazz) with her Gaudi colt So Toto SSF. Dark mare is Noirites SSF (Belantis x Donatelli x Jazz) with Ali Redston riding.