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We offer many services at Shooting Star Farm. We have to make enough money to survive, but our goal is much more idealistic—we want to be a part of building the North American forces of top sport horses and top breeding animals. So, for what it’s worth, advice is always free! Here are some of the other services that we provide…

Import Services and Holland Trips

We’ll go to Holland with you and help you find the breeding stock or riding horse that best suits you, your budget, and your goals. Our commission is 10%. If you accompany me on a regularly scheduled trip, then you are not responsible for any of my expenses. I won’t refuse the occasional offer of a cocktail, however! If you prefer not to do the traveling yourself, then I’m happy to keep an eye out for your specifications on a regularly scheduled trip. We do require a deposit before we will actually purchase a horse, however.

On Farm Services


We don’t do a lot of boarding, but do take in some long term, pasture broodmares, young horses, or retirees. Our board rate is $400/month.


We also manage outside mares. My preference is that the mare comes in for at least one month prior to breeding so that I can work with her most effectively, but we often have mares come in for just the heat cycle itself. To inquire about rates, give Scot a call or shoot him a text. Fees include all ultrasounds, inseminations, and pregnancy checks performed by me. All vet bills are sent directly to the mare owners.

Dress For Success

Tees, hoodies, oxfords and MORE!


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