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Stallion Show 2020

What a great trip! It was one of my favorite years in Den Bosch. Fun people at our table, some high quality stallions, catching up with friends in Holland, and some interesting horse shopping all made for a super time. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about each accepted stallion, but I would like to share some general thoughts, then get more specific about the premium stallions. Additionally, I’d like to request some feedback from you folks about some stallion possibilities for North...

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Living the Dream

As I’ve stated many times, I started breeding Dutch horses 30 years ago because I couldn’t afford to buy the kind of horses I wanted to ride. In three decades we’ve built one of the best breeding programs in North America, helping literally 100s of people have access to world-class horses. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished and delighted to see so many of our horses successfully competing throughout the levels--yet, due to the demands of creating and maintaining the successes of our program,...

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Finally an Update!

Happy New Year.  I’ve been working on this journal entry for three months, so, of course, I’m in a completely different place as we approach the last two days of 2019 than I was at the end of September. I’m about to go through to cut and paste what’s still pertinent so there’s some attempt at cohesion, but, if it reads a little choppy, forgive me.  I’ve dated the sections to indicate the timeline and updated the current sales availability of this year’s foals and our mares.   September,...

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Broken Promises

On Top SSF (For Romance I x Totilas x Jazz) Oh, yeah. My promise to update this journal every Monday hasn’t worked out the way I planned.  Sorry about that. I’ll make up for it with a LONG entry! SSF UpdateIt’s been a REALLY busy breeding and foaling season. We have one foal in Holland, three in Indiana, six on the ground at SSF, and one still due in the next couple weeks.  Gaudi has booked way more mares than I had anticipated this year. There’s this new woman in my life, Ms. Ava Tolman Low....

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I am going to be better about this!

My god. I was sure when I retired/refocused to be able to spend more time on farm work that I would be writing more regular journal entries. Hasn’t happened. There’s so much to catch up on, this entry will be incomplete, but it’s a start. Thank you, and sorry, to those of you who have been messaging me and practically begging for a new entry. It turns out I get more done when someone else is imposing a schedule on me than I do when I create my own schedule… Gaudi Foals We could not be more...

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