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Scot's Journal

thoughtful musings about
KWPN breeding, philosophy and life


Breeding Season Update

Although I’m still working on one outside mare, we are finally done breeding our own mares.  Here’s a list of what we have coming:   So Perfect x Totilas x Jazz not available presale Escaneno x Franklin x Santano reserved/sold (in the Netherlands) Escaneno x Donatelli x Jazz reserved/sold Fynch Hatton x Bon Bravour x Santano not available presale Mowgli x Charmeur x Santano not available presale Fynch Hatton x Ultimo x Rosenkavalier undecided if available or not Jameson x For Ferrero x...

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SSF Update

I’m not going to make any more promises about keeping this journal updated! I have the best of intentions, but between working on pieces for the Warmblood Breeding site and all the things I have to cram into a day to stay sane, I just don’t get to writing. Basically, life is great at SSF. No complaints. Could just use a few more hours in the day, or, more specifically, in the night for sleeping, especially during breeding season. We’ve had eight foals due on the farm between mid April and the...

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Bridging Regional Distances/”Anybody Want to Talk Horses?”

The size of our countries has always been one of the biggest liabilities for warmblood breeders in North America. For many of us, the closest fellow breeder can be a couple hours to a full-day’s drive away. The majority of breeders in the US and Canada breed in a bubble. No one sees your horses. You don’t see other people’s horses. You get on one of the breeder forums on Facebook looking for a connection or some information, and you close your laptop from the frustration of the same stallion...

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Nothing super special today, but it was nice to start watching at 6:45 am instead of between 2 and 3 am…   #395 For Romance x Rousseau x Jazz -strong sportline, line of Dark Pleasure -little heavy -nice front -could be a little more supple -good mover, but not special -looks a little better in hand   #454 Iconic B x Florencio x Feiner Stern -scopey mover -hocky -supple -long lined -hind leg needs more power   #592 For Romance x Diamond Hit x Sandro Song -no info on this horse in...

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Vijfde Groep

What a week. Sorry for the delay in getting these notes posted. I’m just a bit sleep deprived from a week of being on Dutch time…had to have an extended nap.   Day Five started out with the weakest collection of horses of the entire first viewing. After the lunch break, the quality drastically improved. But, it was a rough morning. There were many moments I contemplated just going back to bed. What stopped me, even though I had about three-and-a-half hours of sleep last night? I always...

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