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Mare – Bay – 1997 – KWPN – keur

KWPN pref Stb
Farn pref Fax I
Ramonaa ster Koridon xx
Friedhilde II
KWPN ster pref
Lord Ladykiller xx
Zarah XIV Rebel I Z

So, the forces of the universe continue to toy with me. When I returned from Holland and Germany, happy enough that I had leased us a top jumper mare to match with Lyjanero, I sent inquiry to Germany to see if Lyjanero had been frozen for export. My thought was that he has the pedigree and the type to cross really well on dressage mares, so if he were available, I’d seriously consider it. Well, we heard back about pricing, but the conversation stopped there, and I went on to buy frozen semen from some young dressage stallions for girls this year. Within a week or so of my committing to my frozen purchases, Judy Yancey calls me and says she had just received the inventory of the shipment sitting in customs, and four doses of Lyjanero had been sent for me…Yes, I did what any reasonable breeder would do: put out the call through my journal that I needed to lease a jumper mare, pronto! Well, my friend, Katie Kuhn, heard about it and came to my rescue. Hence, we have agreed to lease one of my favorite mares in North America, Pamina VDL. I was at the DG Bar keuring when she did her IBOP—she’s phenomenal. Katie Kuhn has one of the best eyes for breeding stock of any breeder in North America. This mare comes from one of VDL’s best-producing marelines. If you go to Paardenfokken.nl, you’ll see literally dozens of approved stallions and top sport horses from this line. Katie has agreed to a two-year lease on Pamina, and I’m desperately hoping for a filly or two from this cross.