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ORCHIS - Foundation Mare


Mare – Chestnut – F 1996 – 1.65 m – KWPN 528003199605840 – keur pref

KWPN pref Stb
Olympic Cocktail keur Purioso keur
Ulissa keur pref prest
keur pref
Warmante keur pref
KWPN voorl.keur pref
Roemer pref Pilatus
keur pref prest
Eros keur
Fresia kroon pref

Sometime during the latter part of 1997, we received a phone call from a breeder in Canada asking if we would be interested in the yearling filly she had imported. The filly’s hot and spooky nature wasn’t a good fit for them. This was in the days before everyone had easy access to email and YouTube videos, so I asked her to fax me a copy of the filly’s papers. I don’t think 30 seconds passed between the time I read the fax and my making the phone call to buy Orchis, sight unseen.

Orchis descends from one of the highest ranked dressage mare lines in Holland. At one point in time, her breeder, Gerard Vervoorn, was the highest ranked KWPN dressage breeder, according to the WBSH. Her dam, Charites, is a ster preferent prestatie mare who produced the approved stallion, Kroonjuweel, and a number of FEI level dressage horses, including the superstar mare, Nadine, who was nominated for KWPN horse of the year in 2007 and is the mare responsible for the Dutch team winning the gold medal at the World Championships. She was also part of the silver medal Dutch team at the Olympics, and was a member of the Dutch WEG team in Kentucky. Charites is currently ranked among the top three or four mares on the KWPN’s top 250 dressage producing mares. Orchis herself has the highest dressage index of any KWPN mare outside of Holland.

Orchis is of an ultra modern type. She received her ster status at the 2000 New England keuring and completed her IBOP to complete her keur status in 2004, with some of the highest movement scores given to any mare in North America that year—8, 8.5, and 7.5. She has produced very well for us.

Her first colt, by Zeoliet, Uzeo SSF, was purchased by a Dutch native who was living in Arizona, but has now returned to Holland and taken Uzeo with her to compete in the homeland.

Her second colt, by Freestyle, Verito SSF, became the high scoring aux. foal in North America in 2002, as well as being described by the jury as having “exemplary type and fancy movement.” At the 2004 keuring, “Guido” again went first premium, completely wowing the crowd and the jury with his spectacular movement. He was asked to return for possible licensing with the NA/WPN. Although not eventually licensed, he did receive star status and went on to win the DG Bar Cup in a highly competitive field at Iron Spring Farm. Unfortunately, I’ve lost track of Guido. The last I knew, he was schooling fourth level with his previous amateur owner. His scores from 2016 at the Fourth Level were averaging 67.669.

In 2003, Orchis finally produced a filly to ensure the continuance of this famous mare line at Shooting Star Farm, Werites SSF. This mare radiates elegance and talent. While in training with Jim Koford, she went into the BLM finals with the second highest score at first level. Werites earned her sport predicate at third level, and was primed to begin her FEI career, when she suffered a career-ending shipping accident.

In 2007, Orchis produced the Donatelli colt, Cervantes SSF, who went on to become the high scoring foal at the New England keuring, and one of the highest scoring dressage foals in North America. ‘Georgie’ received his ster status this year and ranked third in the top five.  He is owned by Kim Scudder and trained by Kim with help from Jane Karol.

In 2008, Orchis presented us with a CHESTNUT FILLY! D’Orites SSF didn’t go to a keuring until 2012.  She went ster and keur-eligble, and tied for Reserve Champion ster mare in the top five.  Dior completed her IBOP to become a keur mare.  

In 2010, Orchis blessed us with another filly, Felicites SSF, by Rousseau.  Nicknamed Miss P, for Miss Perfect, she went on to become a ster mare. Ms. P is now part of KC Dunn’s breeding program at Timbach Farm.

In 2011 and 2012, Orchis continued her filly spree, producing two Totilas fillies, Galearites SSF and Honorites SSFGalearites went on to become a keur mare, with the highest IBOP score for a North American born KWPN horse ever. Honorites, the younger filly, was high point dressage foal at the 2013 New England keuring, and went on to both become a ster mare and pass her IBOP in dressage. Unfortunately, we lost Nora to an ice accident.

In 2014, Orchis produced a fancy chestnut colt, JaBam SSF, by Everdale.  JaBam was purchased by Grand Prix rider, Eiren Crawford, and is just now being started under saddle.

In each 2016 and 2017, Orchis produced chestnut colts by Roven XX. L’Amour SSF was purchased by longtime SSF fan, Ginny Schaeffer. And, we have retained Orchis’s last colt, Marcus Aurelius SSF, as a potential stallion prospect.

Orchis has been retired from breeding, though the prospect of a Gaudi baby from her has me thinking all kinds of ET thoughts…

Orchis has since passed away, but will forever live on in our breeding program. 


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