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Mare – Brown – 1996 – 1.61m – ster

Olympic Cocktail keur Purioso
Dudaula ster Amor
Just Daula
KWPN pref ster
Michelangelo elite Pasteur xx
Ladaula keur pref Eclatant

Although LaVita may be my love, Oladaula is my favorite mare. She sends chills up and down my spine whenever I see her move. Jan Downs-Barrett was at our farm buying her new broodmare. I went into the mare pasture with the lunge whip to move the mares around a bit so Jan could see her mare move. She turned to me and said, “Scot, if you want anyone to look at any one else in the pasture, you should probably put Oladaula in the barn before you start.” We bought this mare at the Borculo foal auction when she was four months old. I didn’t even see her; I saw her pedigree and that was enough for me. She and her two full sisters (who are still in Holland) are the only three line bred “Daulas” of which I know. Oladaula is out of my very favorite mare line, and I am convinced that this mare will produce top notch sport horses with a consistent type and consistent athletic ability. Oladaula received her ster rating and high point adult horse at the New England keuring in 2000. Her Zeoliet filly, Tiadaula SSF, was one of three first premium foals at the same keuring. Oladaula’s second foal, also a filly by Zeoliet, died when she was two days old. Our third Zeoliet x Oladaula cross, Veo SSF (or Freddy), was our first foal of his year to be sold (thanks Mike and Heather!); Freddy is just now starting his under saddle career, and loving it! Oladaula presented us with a top-notch, sport prospect in 2003 from one of my favorite stallions, Rodioso. Willioso SSF. Willy is one of the funniest and most talented foals we’ve bred. In hopes of producing a filly with double Doruto, we crossed Oladaula with Farrington in 2003. Well, we got that for which we hoped! Zola Daula SSF! She is affectionately known as “Pumpkin”, due to her unusual dun coloring. Although injured as a foal, she has that special “Daula” quality, and we’re sure she will go on to be a top producer, as the foundation mare in KC Dunn’s breeding program. Oladaula presented us with a super fancy Sir Sinclair colt this year, Americus SSF. He is the most modern in type of any foal she’s produced—really elegant and long-legged. For 2006, Oladaula is already in foal to Donatelli. SOLD