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Dec 15, 2021 | 0 comments

Nothing super special today, but it was nice to start watching at 6:45 am instead of between 2 and 3 am…


#395 For Romance x Rousseau x Jazz

-strong sportline, line of Dark Pleasure

-little heavy

-nice front

-could be a little more supple

-good mover, but not special

-looks a little better in hand


#454 Iconic B x Florencio x Feiner Stern

-scopey mover



-long lined

-hind leg needs more power


#592 For Romance x Diamond Hit x Sandro Song

-no info on this horse in the catalogue, but looks as if he is line bred to Loretta, dam on Sandro Hit, Diamond Hit, Royal Hit, etc., plus an extra tie in to Sandro Song

-probably the best horse of the day

-really pretty type

-best For Romance today

-little butt high

-could have more uphill tendency in the movement


#591 Ferdinand x Governor x Donnerhall

-definite Ferdinand type

-good mover


-fairly expressive

-could have more power


#595 Secret x Furstenball x Florestan

-little heavy in type and movement

-much better in hand

-good depth of muscling


I’ve posted my thoughts about #396 For Romance x Totilas x Jazz on Facebook in response to questions there, but, in case you didn’t see that, I’ll state my reaction here, as well:


Of course, it’s disappointing not to have our boy selected, but the jury can only judge what they see in front of them. Today, On Top SSF needed more strength in his topline and to use it better in the movement. I’ve watched every dressage horse in the first ring and made public comments about them, so it would be disingenuous of me not to be honest about my own horse. Additionally, I didn’t build such a strong program by being barn blind.  And, we have every intention of continuing to build a program that endures through generations of family and horses. I’m proud of this horse, but, today, he got what he deserved. 


 If I were to give him notes, they would have read:


#396 For Romance x Totilas x Jazz

-exceptional damline, approved stallions and lots of sport through the Olympic level, Nadine

-dam had an 85.5 IBOP

-very nice type, looks a little immature

-butt high

-could use more power and strength over the topline

-very nice front

-expressive front leg

-some nice moments, but not consistent in the movement


If the jury could have evaluated Topper on the lunge, I think it might have been a different story. He has incredible movement technique, a super hind leg, and really can use his back well. That’s not what he showed them today. 


We will give him a few months off, then start him slowly. I don’t know what the timeline is for representing a stallion under saddle, but we will reevaluate this boy this summer, then make some decisions. He has a fantastic brain and fantastic mechanics. I think he deserves a chance to demonstrate he can put it all together sufficiently to be considered a stallion candidate. If not, he’ll make a great sport horse for some lucky rider.