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Mare – Chestnut

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Lady Sybil
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Obstinate Bicker
Fran Fran

LaLiscia is on loan to SSF from former DBNA member, Trish Smith. I have always believed that, in the Dutch population, there are certain desirable traits found only in the Thoroughbred. We started our program with a lovely, old Thoroughbred mare in the late 1980’s. At the time, I didn’t know how to use this gene pool effectively. A decade and a half later, I had begun looking for the right Thoroughbred genetics to bring back into our program. Viola! Along comes LaLiscia. Now, I don’t pretend to be a Thoroughbred pedigree expert, but I do know what I want from the gene pool: length of skeletal structure, phenomenal shoulder and saddle position, great canter, legginess, and heart. Well, LaLiscia has all this. Plus, she competed successfully as a jumper, and then went on to a career at lower level dressage. She has produced four super foals. And, according to my favorite Thoroughbred pedigree devotee, Mrs. Susan Duncan, “This mare is a once in a lifetime opportunity. She has a better pedigree for producing sport horses than any Thorougbred stallion standing anywhere. You’ll never find another one like her.” Well, if I needed any more convincing than that, LaLiscia has produced one of the very best foals we’ve ever bred, an incredible Iroko filly, Aerosmith SSF. Last year, “Stevie” went on to not only achieve her ster and keur eligible statuses, she became the Champion KWPN-NA Jumper Mare of North America!  Liscia produced two super mares for us: Carpe Diem SSF by Farrington and Eliscia SSF by UB-40. Her granddaughter LeLiscia SSF by Governor out of Eliscia SSF won top dressage foal in North America in 2016. Liscia enjoyed her retirement days at SSF and has since passed away peacefully.