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Big news for SSF! We have just purchased the KWPN-approved stallion, Floris BS (Negro x Elegant x Zichem). Happy birthday, Scot!

The purpose of my recent trip to the Netherlands was to visit friends, see our horses, and to shop for a riding horse for myself. I had no intention of buying an approved stallion. Primarily, I was looking at Gelders horses because I wanted, one, something big enough to carry me, and, two, something with the character, rideability, and versatility to enjoy riding for pleasure and maybe a little showing. If I could find an upper level school master, that would be a bonus. Once I met Floris and sat on him, I was in love. I knew he was the horse for me. 

Floris is confirmed PSG. He has a SUPER character and an incredible canter. I have known of Floris for many years, of course, I have seen many of his offspring, and I have seen him himself under saddle at multiple stallion presentations. This is the first time I met him in person, however. He is such a good boy–such a good character and work ethic–so well trained–and so easy to handle. It is simply a bonus that he is also a good producer.

Given his interesting pedigree and the quality of his offspring, we will offer him for breeding on a limited basis, but my main focus is to ride him. Michaela and I will add more information about Floris and his offspring over the next few weeks. For now, here is a link to his Facebook page and a few links to some videos, some of his offspring, his testing report, etc on his page under ‘SSF Stallions’. 

Thank you to my family for pushing me to find a riding horse for myself, and thanks to Corienne Yspeerd for sharing this special boy with me and the Tolman family.

Read the announcement here: www.horses.nl