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Mare – Brown

H. almez Ibraham
Girondine S.F.
Judith Artileur

Facet comes to us after retiring from a successful career as a sport mare. She competed at PSG and I1, with scores that put her in first place against top competition. Normally, we would not add a mare to our program with an “onbekend” (this means “unknown” in Dutch) in the pedigree, but a mare who has competed successfully at FEI level dressage, certainly deserves a shot as a producer of more sport horses. “Bea”, as she is known to those who love her, is a strong personality with a never quit attitude. She is a big-bodied mare with lots of substance and strength. Our good friend Kathy Thompson has already spoken for Bea’s super Donatelli filly, Anpetu Win SSF. Bea has already been bred back to Donatelli for, hopefully, a duplicate of this year’s fancy girl. SOLD