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Mare – Chestnut – F 1994 – 1.66 m – KWPN 528003199403588 – ster

KWPN keur
Olivi keur Jazz pref
Halla Utopia
keur sport pref prest
LaLiscia xx Pass the Glass xx Buckpasser xx
Amerigo Lady xx
B. Pretentious xx Pretense xx
Obstinate xx

​During our DBNA days, Tricia Smith contacted us and asked us if we’d lease her older Thoroughbred mare, LaLiscia. Much of breeding horses is fate and luck. This was one of our lucky days. LaLiscia has a royal Thoroughbred pedigree. She is inbred to the same horses that produced Furioso XX, and she has Hyperion XX in the third generation on the bottom and the seventh generation on top. There is no better Thoroughbred pedigree for producing sport horses than this. And, produce she did for us.

Her first filly, Aerosmith SSF, by Iroko, went on to become keur-eligible and the top jumper mare in North America in her year. Her second filly, Carpe Diem SSF, by Farrington, was high point mare of her keuring, keur-eligible, and Reserve Champion of North America. Eliscia SSF, “Lily”, is LaLiscia’s third and final filly, and I think her best. As a three-year-old, her brain wasn’t quite ready for the stress of the keuring and keuring prep, but as a four-year-old, she became keur-eligible, high score adult horse of the New England keuring, and one of the highest scoring mares in North America that year. I think this mare is one of the keys to the future of our breeding program. She has an athleticism and type that are exactly what the KWPN population wants from top Thoroughbred sport horses.

Her first foal for us, Jelisco SSF (aka Beebs), by Florianus, went on to be first premium and second highest scoring foal in New England. Beebs has begun his dressage career with Jenn Raffi. Her second foal, LeLiscia SSF, by Governor, went on to become the Champion foal of North America in 2016. Unfortunately, we lost this incredible filly in a freak accident when she was a yearling. Lilly’s third foal is a gorgeous, typey filly by Netto. Mona Liscia SSF is now part of our friend Kate Bruning’s breeding program. In 2020, Lily had a handsome Gaudi SSF colt with her new owner, Tricia Smith. We miss Lily every day, but know that she is loved and couldn’t imagine her with anyone other than Trish.