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Eerste Groep

Dec 6, 2021 | 0 comments

I wasn’t planning on writing journal entries about the First Ring selection, but why not. I’m still awake…


There were 52 horses presented on Day One. The jury selected 17 horses. I would have selected 15, so not far off. Day One is almost always the day for foreign sires. This year, Painted Black, Totilas, Total US, and Trafalgar sons were also included.


#520 Millenium x Bordeaux

-Trento B line

-beautiful type, not a special mover

-good enough


#524 Nespresso x Uphill

-I wouldn’t have selected this horse


#531 Romanov Blu Hors x Ferro

-dam has produced two approved sons in Denmark

-really see the Ferro and Calypso

-expressive movement, but could be longer lined

-supple, good bending


#533 Romanov Blu Hors x Sir Sinclair

-longer lined, but not a special mover

-long HL

-also wouldn’t have selected this horse


#539 Schwarzgold x Partout

-nice type, needs more expression

-needs better front leg


#579 Maracana x Charmeur

-nice, not special

-same damline as High Five US


#570 Valverde x Johnson

-good mover, nice front

-better canter than trot, but lot of scope in trot


#542 Secret x Don Schufro

-damline of HIgh Five US


-needs longer lines and more front

-really supple


#545 Secret x Vivaldi x Gribaldi x Havidoff

-my favorite horse of the day

-really see the Havidoff in the pedigree

-++ front

-best horse so far


#534 Romanov Blu Hors x Davino


-long lines, expressive

-needs more power


#547 Springbank x Krack C

-moves butt high, but supple and balanced

-very good walk

-looks better in hand


#548 Springbank x Ampere

-owned by Emma Blundell

-nice, very supple, good mover

-lovely horse, also good walk


#560 Totilas x Florencio x Jazz


-good mover and nice type

-Don Tango B line

-1.65, could be longer lined


#563 Totilas x Sandro Hit

-also longer lined

-Ferro hocks, and hockey in the movement

-not special

(I lied. There were three I wouldn’t have taken)


#565 Totilas x For Romance

-supple, good bending

-little old fashioned in the croup

-good mover

-tiny bit clunky


#521 Morricone x Donnerball

-lovely type

-good mover, supple

-good horse

-maybe could be a little longer lined


#566 Trafalgar x Borsalino

-nice type

-lot of movement potential


In general, not a day filled with special horses. One special horse and a couple of really nice horses. The Secrets looked good. I think they’re going to be even better under saddle. With the exception of Total US, Totilas sons are producing a more modern horse than Totilas himself. The Painted Blacks were disappointing. I continue to like the Millenium influence, though the movement is inconsistent. Fun to see a Buckskin and a Palomino. The Buckskin was the better type, the Palomino the better mover. I thought the Palomino had a shot at moving to the second round. I liked both the Springbanks.


I have notes on all the horses, so if you’re interested in a specific horse I didn’t mention, shoot me a text – 6032093243.