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Driede Groep

Dec 8, 2021 | 0 comments

Another interesting day. No sons selected from a number of stallions. Eighteen selected out of 55 presented. I would have selected even fewer.


#300 All At Once x Negro x Krack C

-Jameson RS2 line

-super horse

-dam full brother to my favorite, #575

-+ type, supple

-not as expressive as #575 but more relaxed in the body


#302 All At Once x Farrington x Corleone

-definite All At Once type

-little heavier

-strong, lots of power

-good mover, but could be more supple


#306 Blu Hors Farrell x Stedinger x Florestan

-better type than the other Farrells

-better mover, but hocky

-good scope to movement

-could have more uphill tendency


#352 Escobar x Sandreo x Wickenburgh


-better type than other Escobar

-better trot than canter

-lacks suppleness, especially in canter

-short walk

-had some good moments 


#301 All At Once x Davino x Furst Heinrich

-High Five US damline

-very good bending, expressive

-very good type

-little hocky

-+++ front leg

-my favorite of today


#353 Escolar x Florencio x Jazz

-good power and suspension

-old fashioned


-good canter


#386 For Gold x Everdale x Farrington

-good mover

-supple, good bending

-nice type, not as heavy as I would expect with Everdale and Farrington in the damline

-little hocky


#390 For Romance x Vivaldi x San Remo

-+ type

-++ hind leg

-trot better than canter


#391 For Romance x Ferro x Rubinstein

-nice horse

-rounder type

-good mover, but could have more expression

-good balance

-front leg got better the longer he worked


#397 For Romance x Fidertanz x ?

-my ADHD was in high gear, and I missed this horse even though I was sitting in front of the TV

-source in Holland says, “big, long lined, normal mover”


#356 Everdale x Jazz x Painted Black

-good mover

-elastic and adjustable

-could be a little longer lined

-lot of power

-Grand Prix horse(s) in the damline


#377 For Ferrero x Trento B x Juventus

-nice type


-long lined (always surprises me that For Ferrero throws such long lined horses. He himself is not)


#379 For Ferrero x Furst Romancier x Oscar


-similar type


-more supple than the last couple

-good canter


#398 Foundation x Painted Black x Jazz

-old fashioned

-supple, good bending


-weak in back

-heavy, but good mover


#399 Foundation x Sir Donnerhall x Don Schufro

-half brother to For Romance–dam has produced three approved sons in Germany

-lovely type

-lovely mover


-could have more power


-little butt high, could have more uphill tendency


#364 Ferguson x Vivaldi x Rousseau


-very short croup

-flashy mover, but topline looks inverted

-nice front leg


#381 For Ferrero x Johnson x Ronaldo


-very nice horse, another of my favorites from the day

-very nice type again from For Ferrero

-very good mover

-elegant and modern

-strong uphill tendency

-+ front leg


#382 For Ferrero x Ferro x Voltaire


-good mover, but a little hocky

-nice type again