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D’Orites SSF

Mare – Chestnut – F 2008 – 1.64 m – KWPN-NA 840025200800174 – keur

DONATELLI I Donnerhall Donnerwetter
SPS Granny’s Girl Pike Bube I
SPS Granny
keur pref
Jazz pref Cocktail pref
Charmante ster pref prest
ster keur pref prest
Roemer pref
Lies keur pref prest

D’Orites’ story


D’ORITES is one of those mares that looks like a nice enough mare in a plain, chestnut wrapper, until you get her into the keuring ring or under saddle. She can really move and is amazingly light on her feet. She also shows enormous talent for collection and upper level movements. She’s our second Orchis daughter, and by our beloved Donatelli. We presented her to the KWPN-NA jury as a four-year-old and not only did she go ster and keur-eligible, she also tied for Reserve Champion of North America. The next year, we brought her back for her IBOP, which she easily passed to become a keur mare.

D'Orites SSFI always thought Dior was going to be one of our most important producers. Her first foal was a lovely colt by the German Riding Pony stallion, Voyager. This was a custom foal for our good friends, Richard and Clark Moss. Her second foal was a fantastic, first premium Florianus II filly, J’Orites SSF, who sold to long-time Donatelli devotee Maria di Fazio within 15 minutes of my posting her on Facebook. And, my buddy Jenn Tousignant from Rhodes Farm had first option on Dior’s 2015 Fairytale foal, and was pleased with the beautiful filly Kiarites SSF. We placed Dior’s 2016 Sir Sinclair colt, Lamborghini SSF, in Michigan with top rider Carrie Wilson. Dior’s 2017 colt was Mamet SSF by Vitalis. He was one of the top foals in the country. We sold him and he is doing fantastic with Rob Robillard and Emily Donaldson.

Since then, D’Orites has produced the following foals: Noirites SSF by Belantis I (2018), Olympites SSF by Secret (2019), Radiantes SSF by Gaudi SSF (2021), Tiarites SSF by Escaneno (2023) and Ubiquites SSF by Premier SSF (2024).

For 2025, we’re expecting another Premier SSF foal. 


D’Orites’ Offspring

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