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My nephew and his wife, Joe and Karli Tolman, own Bulldog Design in Keene, NH. They’ve begun an incredible initiative to benefit local businesses struggling to make ends meet. It’s called the “Great Grey Tee Project.” Joe and Karli are making the shirts at cost, and charging an additional $10 that goes directly to the business to use for payroll, expenses, etc., or be donated to a local charity. This project is garnering a huge response. In memory of my parents, Carroll and Liz Tolman, whose 61st wedding anniversary would have been today, we’re donating any proceeds generated from the sale of SSF shirts to Home Healthcare and Hospice, in Keene, NH. The incredible people of HHCH were a godsend to my parents and our family for a number of years at the end of my parents’ lives. Carol, Michaela, Keagan, and I would love to help them continue to be such a strong community support for other families during these crazy times. You can read more about this project at the link I’m posting below. The deadline is for this week’s orders–you can continue to order beyond tomorrow. Thank you in advance for ordering some SSF swag to benefit this great project and HHCH of Keene. Stay safe. Stay community strong. Scot