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Breeding Season Update

Aug 24, 2022 | 0 comments

Although I’m still working on one outside mare, we are finally done breeding our own mares.  Here’s a list of what we have coming:


So Perfect x Totilas x Jazz not available presale

Escaneno x Franklin x Santano reserved/sold (in the Netherlands)

Escaneno x Donatelli x Jazz reserved/sold

Fynch Hatton x Bon Bravour x Santano not available presale

Mowgli x Charmeur x Santano not available presale

Fynch Hatton x Ultimo x Rosenkavalier undecided if available or not

Jameson x For Ferrero x Charmeur available (in the Netherlands)

Diacontinus x Lyjanero x Nimmerdor reserved/sold

Gaudi x Sir Sinclair x Jazz reserved/sold

Gaudi x Borsalino x Totilas reserved/sold

Morricone x Freestyle x Jazz reserved/sold

Floris x Diamond Hit x Havidoff colt option available

Macho x Atleet x Manno reserved/sold

Gaudi x Michigan’s Heir to the Throne available


Should be an exciting foaling season, knock on wood! Our Jaleet x Belantis x Donatelli breeding resulted in twins that couldn’t be pinched. Since the mare is prepping for her IBOP, I just decided to stop for the year. We tried one cycle on our three-year-old Secret x Donatelli x Jazz mare then stopped because she, too, is prepping for her IBOP. So, out of 16 mares, 15 got pregnant, and 14 are still pregnant…as of this morning. Again, knock on wood. Like many of you, I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop in this breeding business.


More of an update later. Just have had a number of inquiries about 2023 babies, so wanted to get a list posted both to answer the inquiries and so I can keep them straight in my own addled brain.