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Beginning of Summer Update

Jun 16, 2021 | 0 comments

Did you guys think I had disappeared again? Just crazy busy. The farm has been insane. A good insane, but insane, nonetheless.

The Gem Saga

For those of you who haven’t been following Gem’s story on Facebook, this is our Jovian x Totilas x Jazz filly, Regaltes SSF, aka, Gem. I found her on three legs in her stall on a Monday morning a little over a month ago, Temp was 104. She was presenting as if she had an abscess, pointing the left hind hoof. Long story short, after multiple vet visits, xrays, and a suspected broken coffin bone, the next morning her temp was over 105, so we rushed her to New England Equine. Infection in the coffin bone. No clue how it happened. There’s no sign of a puncture or obvious trauma. That Sunday she had been running around quite athletically in a new pasture we had just fenced in. It was touch and go for a while because we couldn’t get her temperature under control Well, after multiple surgeries, repeated flushings of the hoof, debriding of the coffin bone, and heavy duty antibiotics, she’s finally coming home tomorrow. Knock on wood, this is the end of the drama. I think she’s the best foal we’ve ever had, and we’re all completely in love with her, so the cost and emotional roller coaster are worth it in the end. I’m hoping she will be sound enough to go to the keuring this fall, but I won’t chance it if I have any doubt.

Where We Stand with Breedings

It has been a slow and frustrating start to the breeding year. As of right now, we have two mares confirmed in foal for 2022, three mares to check at the end of this week, two mares to check the end of the following week, three mares I’m breeding today, and three mares I haven’t even started breeding yet.


In foal:

Gaudi SSF x Werites SSF x Freestyle x Jazz (filly option reserved)

Jaleet SSF x Buttercup SSF x Diamond Hit x Havidoff (reserved)


Checking this week:

Jovian x Galearites SSF x Totilas x Jazz (not for sale)

Jaleet SSF x Gazania x Bon Bravour x Santano (reserved)

Vitalis x D’Orites SSF x Donatelli x Jazz (reserved)


Checking next week:

Jovian x Hyacintia x Charmeur x Santano (not for sale)

Macho x Matthiola x Franklin x Santano (reserved)


Breeding today:

Gaudi SSF x Emaldine x Atleet x Manno (filly reserved)

Gaudi SSF x Nobilites SSF x Borsalino x Totilas (colt option available)

Gauid SSF x Noirites SSF x Belantis x Donatell (reserved)


Still to breed:

Vivaldos or Gaudi SSF x BoWendy x Sir Sinclair x Jazz (undecided)

Diacontinus x Hamina SSF x Lyjanero x Nimmerdor (available)

Jaleet SSF x Kalliope SSF x Michigan’s Heir to the Throne (available)


Gaudi SSF

Gaudi is having another incredible breeding year. He’s up to 158 mares as of today. His first year he bred 70 mares, second 100, last year 162, and it looks as if he will top that this year. We are thrilled with the foals Gaudi is putting on the ground. And, we’re extremely grateful for the support North American breeders have shown him and our breeding program.

August Trip to Holland

I don’t know about you, but, after more than a year of COVID restrictions,  I’m jonesing for a road trip! I’m flying to Holland for a little more than a week on August 9th. My primary reasons for going are to see our horses and to do a little shopping. We’ve purchased two new stallion prospects so far this year, and I’m looking at a couple fillies and another stallion prospect. I’m also shopping for at least one person, and I think one person has already committed to going on the trip, mostly for educational purposes. I will be visiting a number of breeders, dressage, jumper, and Gelders, as well as attending whatever iterations of the National Mare Show, foal finals, and PAVO Cup are offered. If you’re interested in joining me, there’s no charge other than splitting the rental car and buying me a couple drinks, unless you buy a horse while you’re with me. Happy to have people join me if you want to see some top horses and visit lots of breeding farms. I can also shop for you if you are unable to go along for the trip. Shoot me a text if you’re interested, 603-209-3243.

I have to get back out to the barn. One of the maiden mares I was breeding earlier has a really thick hymen I can’t get completely through. Vet is here to help me get this dose of semen into her.