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Hard to believe we’re already gearing up for Gaudi’s third breeding season in North America.  The first Gaudi foals hit the keurings with great success. Gaudi produced three site champions, a top five placing, and double the number of first premium foals of any other stallion, domestic or imported frozen. Impressive results from his first North American foal crop, especially since many foals were not presented. Thanks to all the Gaudi fans out there who have contributed to his becoming one of the most important stallions available fresh cooled in the USA.

Again, this year, we’re offering our December Special for Gaudi breedings at a $500 savings:

-$500 down

-$500 before the first shipment of semen

-Unconditional Live Foal Guarantee

-Fresh-cooled shipments in the US.  High quality, proven frozen for Canada or the US.

Our contract is accessible on Gaudi’s page on our website, or on Facebook at Gaudi at SSF.

If you have any questions, the easiest way to reach Scot is via text:  (603) 209-3243.