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Mare – Dark Brown – 2005 – 1.65 m – KWPN – elite prok

KWPN pref keur
Capitol I Capitano
Vanessa VII Caletto II
KWPN ster pref prest
Purioso keur Furioso II
Erina keur sport Nimmerdor pref
Zarina pref prest

Do you believe in fate? I’m beginning to! Since I have had the mixed blessing of dealing with colon cancer over the past year and had to stop teaching for much of the late winter and early spring, I did what any reasonable, always-striving-to-learn-more breeder would do: Went on an extended horse vacation. I almost always go to the KWPN Stallion Show, so when Judy Yancey invited me to continue on from there for eight days in Germany, what could I say? Yes!! Well, on this trip, I fell in love with a jumper stallion. All good sense and every other form of rational thinking told me, “Forget him. You don’t breed jumpers. Jumpers foals don’t sell in the USA. You’ve even stopped looking at jumpers and jumper pedigrees since the KWPN breeding directions split. Don’t be stupid.” My course of action? When I came back to Holland, I went to Bart Henstra and said, “I need to lease a jumper mare.” Bart and I originally agreed on an Indoctro x Burggraaf mare Stal Henstra had for sale. Well, she sold that week. I’m not sure whether Bart took pity on me because he realized how delusional I was/am, or what, but he offered me another mare to replace her: Anerina. If you follow jumper breeding at all, you’ll recognize that this is a top jumper mareline and the foundation of the Stal Henstra jumper breeding progam. And, to make things even sweeter, Ms. Anerina conceived on the first try. So, here we go! We got a lovely Lyjanero x Indoctro x Purioso filly in late February of 2012, Hanerina SSF.