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Long known for standing and using world acclaimed KWPN sires, SSF is proud to offer GAUDI to the public.


There is no success as a breeder without exceptional mares—the real stars of SSF.


If your dreams are big, shoot for the stars! SSF always has top quality prospects and foals on the ground or coming that will assist in making your dreams come true.

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COVID-19 Crisis Relief Effort

My nephew and his wife, Joe and Karli Tolman, own Bulldog Design in Keene, NH. They've begun an incredible initiative to benefit local businesses struggling to make ends meet. It's called the "Great Grey Tee Project." Joe and Karli are making the shirts at cost, and...

Top Results for Keno SSF

Keno SSF (Governor x ZaVita SSF by Contango) and owner Andria Allen make a splash in their first trip down the center line! Keno was the #1 dressage foal in North America when he was presented at the KWPN-NA keuring four years ago. He has since moved to Colorado with...

Finally an Update!

Happy New Year.  I’ve been working on this journal entry for three months, so, of course, I’m in a completely different place as we approach the last two days of 2019 than I was at the end of September. I’m about to go through to cut and paste what’s still pertinent...

Annual December Breeding Special

Hard to believe we’re already gearing up for Gaudi’s third breeding season in North America.  The first Gaudi foals hit the keurings with great success. Gaudi produced three site champions, a top five placing, and double the number of first premium foals of any other...

Top 2019 Keuring Results from Jubilantes SSF and Outrageous SSF

Congratulations to the Barrett Family and Jubilantes SSF (UB-40 x Werites SSF by Freestyle)! Jubilantes SSF received her keur predicate and was the top scoring adult dressage horse at the 2019 New England keuring. She went on to be the North American DG Bar Cup...

Dress For Success

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