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Long known for standing and using world acclaimed KWPN sires, SSF is proud to offer Gaudi SSF, Jaleet SSF, and Floris SSF to the public.



There is no success as a breeder without exceptional mares—the real stars of SSF.


If your dreams are big, shoot for the stars! SSF always has top quality prospects and foals on the ground or coming that will assist in making your dreams come true.

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Floris BS Joins SSF

Big news for SSF! We have just purchased the KWPN-approved stallion, Floris BS (Negro x Elegant x Zichem). Happy birthday, Scot! The purpose of my recent trip to the Netherlands was to visit friends, see our horses, and to shop for a riding horse for myself. I had no...

Nadal SSF Joins Sapphire Sporthorses

We are excited to congratulate Lucy Courchaine of Sapphire Sporthorses in North Salem, NY on the purchase of Nadal SSF (Just Wimphof x Charmeur x Santano). It's been an absolute joy working with Lucy. We wish you years of success with this incredible colt. 

Nadal SSF at the KWPN Stallion Show

Nadal SSF (Just Wimphof x Charmeur) was selected by the KWPN stallion selection committee at the 'first ring' in Ermelo for the 2021 KWPN Stallion Show (Hengstkeuring). Nadal was one of the top movers in a strong group of Just Wimphof's first crop of young stallions...

Godot SSF Sold to Carolin Mallmann

Congratulations to Carolin Mallmann on the purchase of Godot SSF (UB-40 x Sir Sinclair x Jazz). We wish you and Sammy many years of a trusting partnership and the many successes that will manifest from that partnership. What a journey it's been! Thanks to Chris Von...

Welcome to SSF, Penelope!

I almost made it two weeks into the new year without buying a new horse...Meet Penelope (Jaleet SSF x Colonist x Wouter), from the famous Fanita line of the family Van Wessel, known for producing top jumpers, dressage horses, and Harness horses out of their foundation...

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