"My visit to
Shooting Star


Hi Scot,
I am glad to read you are doing better. I thought you might enjoy some recent photos of Eza Vita, who just turned 19 months. I love this mare, she is calm, intelligent, talented, friendly, inquisitive, enjoys being handled and worked with.....  She now stands 15.2 behind, and I am sure she will be about 16.2H. Very early on she understood simple voice commands, stand, back, come, walk, trot, halt, and she responds very well to a gentle signal and a gentle correction. I take her up to the ring a few days a week for just a few minutes and we do some mental games, then go for a little walk together down my dirt road. Sometimes we work free in the ring-which is just a blast since she will walk and trot with me and comes each time I call her. One photo shows her leaving the ring with me free. I will keep you updated, I am so looking forward to riding her..

Peggy Halpin
Flying Horse Farm
Peggy Halpin  Certified Equine Appraisal Service
ASEA Certified
4392 Kirby Mountain Rd.
Concord, VT  05824

Here is Adonis at 5 years old and getting more gorgeous by the day. Work has started back up in earnest.  Expect to see us in the show ring this summer.

Registration just about complete.  Waiting on DNA sample to return. Adonis SSF will now finally be a credit to your breeding program.


Hi Scot and Carroll, I hope this finds you well with new babies
arriving! Ezzie turned 1 year old last week and I thought you would
enjoy seeing some pics of my beautiful girl!  She is now 14.2 H at the
withers and 15H+ at the quarters. She is very quiet, intelligent and
affectionate. Now loves the under neck muscles rubbed. She will come
up to me when she is out and just sigh and put her neck close for a
rub! She has cross tied since 4 months, leads, does slight lungeing,
easily follows body commands and comes when called. She loves to jump
the big log I have in the paddock, so once my ring is completely
thawed and I going to bring her up free with some small jumps. If I
can I will send some pictures. Take care, Peg

Peggy Halpin Certified Equine Appraisals
Flying Horse Farm
4392 Kirby Mountain Road
Concord, VT  05824

Adonis SSF
Donatelli x Kirona by Volkmar
After a year in Virginia, Adonis is growing up in Pennsylvania. Everyone says he is the quietest, friendliest colt they've met.  Many, many thanks Scott

Hi Scot--thought you'd enjoy a couple pictures I took of Zirona today, now
16.1 hands!


Zirona SSF
(Freestyle x Kirona by Volkmar)

This is WendyDaula SSF and she is out of Pioendaula and by Rafurstinels.

Thank You
Martyna Echilczuk

Hi Scot,
Just wanted to send a few pics from a recent “bombproof” clinic I took Leo [Valileo SSF (Iroko x Hilton)] to in Weare, NH. He was the youngest of 18 horses, and one of the only to complete all of the obstacles (it was taught by a man from MD who trains police horses). So we were thrilled, and very proud of him. He went by flares, balloons, over a mattress, through hanging foam noodles, smoke, gunshots… Hopefully the dressage ring decorations will be nothing after this!

I just love Ziroko! Ever since he came to my farm he has been the center of attention, and he is especially gentle and friendly toward children. He has been unbelievably easy to train; I only have to teach him something once and then he consistently responds without ever putting up a fight. He is calm, down- to-earth, easygoing, and reasonable, and he constantly amazes me because he is so brave and courageous. He has been an absolute pleasure to train and I look foward to our future together.

Thank you so much for breeding such a beautiful horse with exceptional character and temperament!

Flying Colors Farm in Tallahassee, FL is thrilled to have their newest addition!  A PINTO STUD COLT by Voltaire!!!  He was bred last year via frozen semen to Colormarks, a lovely 16.3 bay pinto mare by the Oldenburg stallion, Hallmark. She is 3/4 TB and placed 2nd in her class at the International Hunter Futurity. She was just judged premium at the RHSPI inspection in Florida last summer.

Flying Colors Farm, specializes in quality pinto sport horses. Claim to Fame, the only pinto to EVER win at the Devon Hunter Breeding Show and who has gone on to win conformation and performance classes all over the East, stands there.


This filly will be 2 in June, she is a registered Dutch WB named "Wregalia", and is just under 16 hands. She is out of  TB mare "Veronica Slew"( Can't Be Slew/Seattle Slew ) and her sire is Dutch WB  "Zeoliet".  "Regal"  has a sweet personality, follows me all over the pasture, and is in my pocket, she also LOVES to jump!! Thanks to "Shooting Star Farm", for being willing to sell me some of their limited supply of frozen semen, that was available after Zeoliets' unfortunate death.......

Pamela  Radway (Oregon)

Willioso, a Shootingstar farm baby, is the most wonderfully level headed baby.  Before bringing him home I wondered how he would do at my farm, a riding academy, where people come and make many mistakes.  I can't believe how well minded this horse is.  At not even two yet he is not only even tempered, but the kids can lead him about, he is funny, gentle, and quiet.  He learns so quickly, and doesn't over react to minor issues, and then I watch him move around the pasture with the athletic grace and movement of his family.  What a great combination.  Thanks Scot!  You have the talent for breeding, we are so lucky to have you and your horses in NH!  Heidi

Here is a collage of some of the pictures I?ve taken through the last three years of Urona SSF (Metall x Volckmar). It has been an amazing experience raising this horse, one simply too great to put any price on despite any trials or tribulations we have had to face over the years. Urona has always been a horse unto her own, a true character from the beginning whom I have watched grow from a goofy foal with a knack for sleeping in all manner of places to an elegant and solid mare. Her strength, intelligence, determination, even out-right dominant attitude make it exciting to continue our saddle training come this spring. It has always amazed me the level of trust this little horse puts in me, being my first young horse I?ve had a lot of learning to do and Urona has certainly been more than tolerant of me. She has allowed me to get us lost us lost in hay fields, followed me boldly onto trailers (tarps, through mud-puddles, woods, and across ice laden fields), and has even allowed me to use her as a make-shift cloths rack from time to time. She is quick to understand and tries to over-please once she figures out what I want, more than once she?s gone sliding on snow pack feet in perfect imitation of a reining horse while trying to stop quickly enough for me. Above all she is a horse that ?fits? me just right and is simply a joy to watch, and we look to a bright and hopefully long future. So thank you Scot for a wonderful equine partner, and indirectly a wealth of memories and experiences."

-Helena K.

I first met the Tolmans on a rainy, early spring day
in 2000.  I had imported a Dutch mare and was considering breeding her
as a three year old.  Somehow, I came across the Shooting Star Farm
website, liked Zeoliet a lot, realized that they were located about an hour away
from me in New Hampshire, and decided to call.  As a good, mutual friend
of the Tolmans and myself has said, it was like "cosmic velcro".  We have
been good friends almost ever since! 

Although some of the first creatures that I saw at
SSF were actually goats, kittens, and a really big turkey, the quality of
Scot's mares was undeniable the moment I laid eyes on them.  Later that
year, I had the good fortune to be at the keuring at which SSF presented
Oladaula and Orchis for their studbook inspection.  To this day, (and I am
sure that I have told Scot and others this a whole bunch of times), I can
still remember seeing Oladaula presented.  It still gives me goosebumps. 
Even though I had been fortunate to be riding at a farm with some very high
quality FEI horses, the natural self-carriage and power that Oladaula
expressed stood out in comparison.  This mare was a dressage powerhouse- no
doubts there.  Orchis was equally impressive- a much softer mover somehow
in the way horses can differ- powerful and with a great deal of
self-carriage.  It was a treat to see. 

Perhaps even more of a treat, though, are Scot and
his family. Scot is passionate about his horses and passionate about his
family.  He is a natural teacher, which means that he is also a natural
student. He is willing and happy to share his own years of knowledge and also
willing to listen to others and debate the possibilities.  It is
tremendous fun to talk about bloodlines, mares, stallions, and the hopes of the
coming foals with Scot.  It is also fun to know such a great family, have
dinner, and just relax with them.

One word of warning though, leave your checkbook at
home if you go to Holland with Scot because you will see some amazing
horses and just may be tempted to bring one home!  I speak from experience,
without regret of course!  My lovely mare Tudaula is a result of an
"educational" trip to the Borculo foal auction in Holland with Scot.  I figured
that Borculo would be a good opportunity to educate my eyes on young stock. 
Prior to my purchase of a KWPN mare two years prior to my trip with
Scot, I have been only involved in the riding side of horses.  My purchase
of a mare convinced me that I needed to start learning about breeding too. 
I had only limited experience with evaluating young stock so off I
went to Europe with Scot and crew to start my education!

I did actually manage to make it through the auction
without buying a horse.  There were a number of really nice foals and it
was a terrific way to start to educate my eye.  It was on the whirlwind,
food-deprived farm tours that I found my gorgeous girl, Tudaula. 
(Another word of warning- if you do ever decide to go to Europe with Scot- bring
snacks, lots of snacks- because his brain switches to horse-mode and you'll
be lucky to get any food on a regular basis!)  Scot brought us to
Eugenie van Dam's farm- the breeder who was one of the founders of the Daula
mareline and who had bred Oladaula.  As with all the breeders we met, they
showed us all their breeding stock with pride.  As the mares and foals came
out, they consistently had powerful hindlegs, expression, and the natural
self-carriage that had made such an impression on me with Oladaula. 
Tudaula was a yearling when I saw her- gawky and sort of ugly as only yearlings
can be.  She trotted around the ring two or three times- then decided
that she would much rather visit with the folks on the side of the ring than
pay attention to the crazy woman cracking the whip (Eugenie) in the center
of the ring.  Right then and there, seeing her brain work, I knew that
she had to come home with me!  I have never regretted it, even though I
have had some lean months because of her.  She has been a joy to work with
and is probably one of the most fun horses I have ever ridden.  I owe Scot
many, many thanks for bringing me to her.   And to top it off, Tudaula
was the top mare at the New England keuring and won the special ribbon for
conformation that day as well.  She also ended up the #1 mare for
conformation in the country in 2004. She is now in foal to Donatelli due in early
August with plans to start her serious riding career on weaning of the

I guess that I should also say that you should leave
your checkbook at home when you go to visit SSF as well.  I fell in love
with a wee, week old filly in the spring of 2003 named Wendy Daula.  I
bought her a year or so later.  Again, it was an emotional reaction for
me. But then again, isn't that what it is all about? 

If you have ever read Scot's journal or have spoken
with him, I think that you will realize that it is an emotional thing for
him too.  I think that it is one of the reasons that he has been such a
wonderful person to know and from where a good deal of his success in
breeding comes.  He can see the golden thread that weaves through the
generations to produce such amazing horses because he has the passion to make it glow.

Many thanks to Scot for being part of the passion
and wonder for me. And here's to many more years of friendship- and horses!

Jennifer Tousignant


Wendy Daula

Here are pictures of the two babies we purchased from Scot and Carol, both of which we are delighted with. Valileo "Leo" (Iroko x Hilton) is turning out to be a beautiful, balanced horse who has already been through several months of training with Joe Forest. He will turn three in the spring and I am so excited to start riding him. He has already shown great talent for jumping (leaping in and out of every fence we put up), and I am hoping he shows the same potential for dressage! This fall, I fell in love with another of Scot's babies (of course, I always want to take them all home!). Zirona (Freestyle x Volckmar) just seemed too special to pass up. She has a super sweet and laid back personality, and hopefully will live up to an anticipated dressage future. Many thanks to Scot and his family for producing such quality sport horses.


"I live near enough to Scot Tolman to have become a regular visitor.  Scot is a wealth of information, and if you can keep up with him doing his many chores, you are treated to a rich buffet of ideas and observations on many aspects of horse care and breeding - particularly helpful to me as I began breeding.  Scot is extraordinary - doing everything in his power to get two difficult mares pregnant - and succeeding!   Here are pictures of my lovely Iroko foal out of an Irish sport horse mare.  I've got another Iroko on the way this spring out of an Oldenberg mare.  Scot, you are just the best!  All of my thanks come with this letter! "


"My husband and I first saw Veo SSF (Zeoliet x Oladaula) as a 3 month old. From the moment we saw him move, we were in love and had to have him. I had scoured the earth for the perfect dressage prospect and had seen many lovely horses, but neither Mike nor I could sleep after seeing Freddy. We bought him the next day and brought him home as a weanling a few months later. He is now 2 1/2 and we couldn't be happier. In addition to being gorgeous and a spectacular mover, he has the most wonderful, easy-going temperament. He is a total love and extremely smart. His trainer calls him a true "pleaser". We look forward to having him as a partner for the next 20-plus years and feel so lucky to have met Scot, his wonderful family and all their fantastic horses.

Many thanks and all our best,
Heather, Mike & Mikayla

This is a picture of my wonderful mare and Iroko foal. Scot was "the Man" He took care of the breeding of this mare, and I cannot thank him enough. Nobody would have taken better care of her.I will be forever greatful. The filly is absolutely stunning. Personality and a mover. I am a lucky person to have run into Scot.

all the best,


I couldn't be any happier with Pejuta (LaVita x Ichnaz), he is amazing. I fell in love with LaVita the first day I saw her. I knew I had to have her first baby. That was in April of 1996 and Pejuta was born in May of 1997. I'm hoping the next one is a filly!
Kathy Thompson


If you are interested in finding out more about Shooting Star farm or any of our horses or services,
please email or call us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Scot and Carol Tolman
P.O Box 589 - Spofford, NH 03462
603-363-4301 phone - 603-363-4122 fax

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