Pictures like this make us happy to sell our babies! This is Ariel SSF (Iroko x Chiltern Copa of Tower Hill), with her new owners/devotees, Joanne and Stephen.

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"A place where dreams come true."

Keno SSF
(Governor x ZaVita SSF x Contango)

Here he is!  The top dressage foal in North America for the 2015 keuring tour!  Congratulations to Andria and Mike Allen--they had placed a first option on this breeding a few months before he was born, and are now the excited owners of the top foal in the country.

Other than the two we're keeping, all of our 2015 foals are sold. The only horses we have available aren't even born yet!

2016 Breedings

Shooting Star Farm is a dream come true for my family and me, and we strive to be "a place where dreams come true" for others. Our goal is to help people who want a top quality KWPN dressage horse for sport or breeding get the horse of their dreams. We offer generous, no-interest payment plans, so anyone who recognizes the quality of our horses can afford to buy one. The base price for most of our foals is $15,000.  We offer discounts to FEI riders and repeat customers and friends.  If you're seriously interested in a foal from a particular breeding, contact us and we'll give you first option on that foal.  No deposit is necessary.  Once the foal is born, we'll get pictures and some short video to you, and you have until the foal is two weeks old to make your final decision.

Available foals by mares: (for detailed information about our mares, please see the Mares' Page)

LaVita keur preferent (Elcaro x Belisar)  In foal to Florianus II (Florestan I x Damenstolz)

LaVita has spent the last few years with Sean and Melissa Hardy, in Vernon, VT, where she produced a two top mares for their new breeding program.  She has come home to SSF to retire.  Of course, I couldn't resist trying to breed her one more time.  She will be 23 when she delivers this foal. Over the years, LaVita has been a fantastic producer for us.  She's the grandmother of Keno, the top foal in North America this year.  Local people also know her as the mother of Alisa Dearden's Rocco SSF and Melinda Johnson's Udo SSF. 

Under Karin Rehbein, Florianus II was the most successful Grand Prix horse in Germany for a period of time.  We've had two Flori foals at SSF so far--both Carol and I are really impressed by the strong conformation, athleticism, and tractability of his offspring. 

Werites SSF sport (Freestyle x Orchis x Jazz) In foal to Sir Sinclair (Lord Sinclair x Flemmingh)

Werites has now produced three exceptional UB-40 babies for us.  She consistently produces athletic, talented, and very pretty foals. Her oldest son was started under saddle this year, and all reports are that he's incredibly smart, super trainable, and super talented.  This year's foal was reserved and purchased by Connie and Jackie Cartesio.

We haven't bred much to Sir Sinclair.  Given the facts that he is one of the leading producer of FEI horses in North America, he has a number of FEI horses beginning to compete in Europe, our best moving mare is by him, and our one Sir Sinclair breeding resulted in a horse who went on to win the Reserve Champion title at Dressage at Devon and is now about to come out at PSG, I decided it was time to make up for lost time and breed a couple mares to Sir. 

BoWendy (Sir Sinclair x Jazz x Ulft) In foal to UB-40

It's hard to top the kind of movement BoWendy produces.  We've had four full brothers out of this cross, and each one has blown us away--the most famous of which is Godot SSF, the high score mover in North America last year.  This year's foal was reserved and purchased by Grand Prix rider Eiren Crawford.

There is a potential first option already placed on this breeding if it's a colt.  If someone else is also interested, contact me, and I'll confirm. We will most likely keep this foal if it is a filly.

Carpe Diem SSF keur eligible (Farrington x LaLiscia xx  x Pass the Glass xx In foal to Connaisseur (Con Amore x Donnerhall)

We're delighted to have Carpe back at SSF to begin her breeding career.  Thanks so much to Sue Wildman for the opportunity.  Carpe suffered a neck injury and can no longer be ridden, so let the babies begin!

We get a number of requests for Donnerhall blood from our clients.  As much as I love Donnerhall blood and would love to use his sons and grandsons in our program, it's difficult to access via fresh cooled semen from a KWPN-approved stallion.  Connaisseur offers us this chance.  I think he needs a bigger, more powerful mare, so matching him with Carpe is perfect.  She's 17 hands and a power house.  This should be a really top sport or breeding prospect.

This foal is already spoken for.

D'Orites SSF keur (Donatelli x Orchis x Jazz) In foal to Sir Sinclair (Lord Sinclair x Flemmingh)

Dior has quite a fan base.  Her first foal was a designer foal for Clark and Richard Moss.  Her second foal sold in 15 minutes on Facebook.  Her third foal was reserved and purchased by Rhodes Farm as an addition to their breeding program.  We would really like to keep a Donatelli grandfilly for our program, but, since Dior is young and we have some older mares from whom we need to keep fillies, at this time, this breeding is available for 2016.  

Eliscia SSF keur eligible (UB-40 x LaLiscia xx x Pass the Glass xx) 
                                          In foal to Governor (Totilas x Jazz)

Lily is one of my favorite mares in our program.  She has the size, power, and elegance, combined with a strong dose of the best TB blood available, to produce top horses.  Her first foal was a first premium, super elegant, black colt by Florianus II.  From the Governor cross, I'm expecting a leggy, modern, super-moving foal.


If you are interested in finding out more about Shooting Star farm or any of our horses or services,
please email or call us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Scot and Carol Tolman
P.O Box 589 - Spofford, NH 03462
603-363-4301 phone - 603-363-4122 fax

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