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Orchis "keur pref"

 Orchis "keur pref" Jazz "pref" Olympic Cocktail "keur" Purioso "keur"
Ulissa "keur pref prest"
 Charmante "keur pref" Ulster
Warmante"keur pref"
Charites "keur pref. prest."  Roemer "pref." Pilatus
 Lies "keur pref prest" Eros "keur"
Fresia "kroon pref"

Orchis is a keur preferent mare with the highest dressage index of any KWPN mare outside of Holland. She descends from one of the highest ranked dressage marelines in Holland. Her dam, Charites, is a ster preferent prestatie mare who has produced the approved stallion, Kroonjuweel, and a number of FEI level dressage horses, including the superstar mare, Nadine, who was nominated for KWPN horse of the year in 2007, is the mare responsible for the Dutch team winning the gold medal at the World Championships, was part of the silver medal Dutch team at the Olympics, and was a member of the Dutch WEG team in Kentucky. Charites is currently ranked among the top three or four mares on the KWPN's top 250 dressage producing mares. Orchis is of an ultra modern type and has the prettiest movement of any of our mares. She received her ster status at the 2000 New England keuring and completed her IBOP to complete her keur status in 2004, with some of the highest movement scores given to any mare in North America, 8, 8.5, and 7.5. Orchis has produced very well for us. Her first colt, by Zeoliet, Uzeo SSF, was purchased by a Dutch native who was living in Arizona, but has now returned to Holland and taken Uzeo with her to compete in the homeland. Her second colt, by Freestyle, Verito SSF, became the high scoring aux. foal in North America in 2002, as well as being described by the jury as having "exemplary type and fancy movement." At the 2004 keuring, "Guido" again went first premium, completely wowing the crowd and the jury with his spectacular movement. He was asked to return for possible licensing with the NA/WPN. Although not eventually licensed, he went on to win the DG Bar Cup in a highly competitive field at Iron Spring Farm. He is now approaching FEI with his amateur owner. In 2003, Orchis finally produced a filly to ensure the continuance of this famous mareline at Shooting Star Farm, Werites SSF. This mare radiates elegance and talent. While in training with Jim Koford, she went into the BLM finals with the second highest score at first level. Werites earned her sport predicate at third level, was schooling all upper level movements, and was primed to begin her FEI career, when she suffered a career-ending shipping accident. Unfortunately, Orchis lost her 2004 pregnancy, but did produce three grade A Contango embryos...that never settled in any of the recipient mares...oh, well. We breed horses to dispose of all income, right? In 2007 Orchis produced the Donatelli colt, Cervantes SSF, who went on to become the high scoring foal at the New England keuring, and one of the highest scoring dressage foals in North America! As an adult, he was high scoring gelding in New England and one of the highest ster geldings in North America. Georgie is now Kim Scudder's future dressage star. In 2008, Orchis presented us with a chestnut Donatelli filly! D’Orites went on to become reserve champion ster mare of North America, and then passed her IBOP the following year to become a keur mare, placing in the top five Nationally. In 2010, Orchis blessed us with another filly, Felicites SSF, by Rousseau. Nicknamed, Miss P, for Miss Perfect, Felicites is the spitting image of her sister, Werites. Ms. P is co-owned by Jackie Cartesio, and is being prepped for a sport career and her presentation under saddle to the KWPN-NA jury in the fall of 2015. In the spring of 2010, Orchis was one of a handful of North American mares selected for Totilas’s first group of breedings, so we bit the proverbial bullet and ponied up the funds to import three doses of Totilas frozen semen. The Equine gods shined on us favorably, and the next two years we were blessed with dark chestnut Totilas fillies. Galearites SSF went on to become ster, keur eligible, top mare at her keuring, and fourth place in North America. She is currently in training with Jane Hannigan to begin her sport career. Honorites SSF is a coming three year old whom we will prepare for this year’s keuring. Orchis’s 2014 colt, Ja Bam SSF, by Everdale recently sold to Canadian Grand Prix rider, Eiren Crawford. We had every intention of keeping Bammers as a stallion prospect...until we discovered he is a cryptorchid. Orchis lost this year’s pregnancy to Fairytale, but we are determined to try at least one more time for a stallion prospect out of this important mare.

Werites SSF

 Werites SSF “keur eligible sport”
Florestan Fidelio
SPS Paloma Parademarsch
SPS Piroschka
Orchis "keur pref Jazz “pref” Cocktail “pref.”
Charmante “ster pref. prest.”
Charites "ster pref. prest.r" Roemer “pref”
Lies “keur pref. prest.”
Werites SSF is one of our favorite horses we have produced to date. She is out of our top mare, Orchis. Her sire, Freestyle, brings the valuable blood of Florestan, combined with one of Germany's very top marelines. Freestyle's dam and his aunts were the champion mares of their region in Germany, four years in a row. In Werites, we combine the talents of Holland's top dressage mareline with those of the top German dressage mareline. Werites wowed the jury at the New England keuring in 2006, and became top ster mare and keur eligible. She was also high score mare in North America, but, because she is Register A, her scores did not count in the top five rankings. Bummer! Because we believe that our best offspring should be competing in the real world, not just in keurings, Carol and I made the decision to keep Werites in training with Grand Prix rider, Jim Koford. In limited outings, she had the second highest qualifying score for the BLM Championships at first level. In her third level debut at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby, she earned her sport predicate. In the spring of 2010, Werites was being readied to compete in the Developing Horse classes, and she was showing tremendous talent schooling all of the movements for the Grand Prix. Unfortunately, she was injured in a shipping accident, which severed her right hind tendon and ruptured the left. After more than five months with the good people at New Bolton Center, Werites came home to us. She will never be sound enough for riding, but we're hoping she will contribute greatly to our breeding program. In 2012 she produced the fancy UB-40 colt, Horatio SSF. He went on to become first premium and sold to FEI rider Jen Barrett. In 2014, she produced another outstanding UB-40 foal, Jubilantes SSF, who was also first premium, and sold to our friend and fellow Dutch breeder, Jan Downs-Barrett. Werites is again in foal to UB-40 for a 2015 foal. This year we will breed her to the newly licensed Ravel x Sir Donnerhall son, bred and owned by our friends at DG Bar Ranch.

D'Orites SSF

D'Orites SSF “keur ”

Donatelli I Donnerhall


SPS Granny’s Girl Pike Bube I
SPS Granny
Orchis "keur pref.” Jazz “pref.” Cocktail "pref."
Charmante "ster pref. prest."
Charites "ster pref. prest." Roemer "pref"
Lies "keur pref. prest."
Dior is one of those mares that looks like a “nice enough” mare in a plain, chestnut wrapper, until you get her into the keuring ring or under saddle. She can really move and is amazingly light on her feet. She also shows enormous talent for collection and upper level movements. She’s our second Orchis daughter, and by our beloved Donatelli. We presented her to the KWPN-NA jury as a four-year-old, and not only did she go ster and keur-eligible, she also tied for Reserve Champion of North America! The next year, we brought her back for her IBOP, which she easily passed to become a keur mare. I think Dior is going to be one of our most important producers. Her first foal is a lovely colt by the German Riding Pony stallion, Voyager. This was a custom foal for our good friends, Richard and Clark Moss. Her second foal is a fantastic, first premium Florianus II filly, who sold to long-time Donatelli devotee, Maria di Fazio, within 15 minutes of my posting her on Facebook. And, my buddy Jenn Tousignant, from Rhodes Farm, has already requested first option on Dior’s 2015 Fairytale foal. Dior will be rebred to Fairytale this year.

Felicites SSF

Felicites SSF

Rousseau Ferro "preferent"

Ulft "keur"

Zsuzsa "ster sport presatie" Roemer "preferent"
Orchis "keur pref.” Jazz “pref.” Cocktail "pref."
Charmante "ster pref. prest."
Charites "ster pref. prest." Roemer "pref"
Lies "keur pref. prest."
Felicites, aka, Ms. P, for “Miss Perfect”, was, indeed, one of our prettiest and most perfect foals. From the beginning her gaits have been outrageous and her sense of balance and the power and quickness in her hind leg demonstrate exactly the kind of mechanics we want to see in a potential upper level horse. Because we want to guarantee Orchis her prestatie predicate, we decided to sell half ownership in this mare to up and coming dressage rider, Jackie Cartesio. Jackie and Ms. P have developed an incredible bond, and we look forward to seeing them achieve great things in the dressage ring.

Galearites SSF

Galearites SSF "keur eligible"

Totilas Gribaldi "elite preferent"


Gondola II
Lominka "elite pref. prestatie" Glenndale
Elsa "ster. pref. prest."
Orchis "keur pref.” Jazz “pref.” Cocktail "pref."
Charmante "ster pref. prest."
Charites "ster pref. prest." Roemer "pref"
Lies "keur pref. prest."
If ever I’ve had a “heart horse”, this is the mare. I love this girl and have since the moment she was born. She’s really my “dream come true” horse. The moment I saw Totilas at the KWPN Stallion Show in 2010, I was a gonner; I had to have one. When his owners decided to finally stand him at stud, but only to a pre-selected group of mares, with only 10 breedings going to North America...I applied. It was a huge risk. But (raise your hands into the air and praise the all gods equine), I believed. “Mazey” is all I could have hoped for. She’s elegant and amazingly talented--plus, she has an amazingly sensitive and intelligent brain. At her keuring this year, she was top ster mare of the keuring, keur-elible, and top four in North America. Because we believe she is an uber talent, Mazey has started her sport training and eventual career with Grand Prix rider, Jane Hannigan.

Honorites SSF

Honorites SSF

Totilas Gribaldi "elite preferent"


Gondola II
Lominka "elite pref. prestatie" Glenndale
Elsa "ster. pref. prest."
Orchis "keur pref.” Jazz “pref.” Cocktail "pref."
Charmante "ster pref. prest."
Charites "ster pref. prest." Roemer "pref"
Lies "keur pref. prest."
In case you haven’t been counting, Nora is our fifth Orchis daughter. We are, indeed, blessed. As much as our first Totilas filly is my “heart horse”, this one is Carol’s. She looks very much like her big sister, but “big” is the operative word! Mazey is a solid 17 hand mare; Nora is going to be more like her sister D’Orites and her mom--she will probably top out at 16 or 16.1. That being said, she is an even better mover than her older sister. Nora absolutely fires from behind and lifts into the air. She was first premium and top foal in New England in 2012. This Totilas girl will go through the keuring system, but then stay home to produce more top babies for us. If I can find just the right stallion, I may breed her this year…


Gazania “keur ”

Bon Bravour Painted Black

Gribaldi "elite preferent"

Litchy "elite sport pref prest"
Odette "keur pref." Chronos
Hinsley "ster"
Bertolonia "keur eligible" Santano Sandro Hit
P.Siltana van hof Olympica "ster prok pref"
Tiarella "ster prok" Biotop
Charites "ster pref. prest"
To say we’re excited about the year this mare has had is a major understatement! Gazania not only became ster with the very high score of 85/80 at her first keuring in Holland--at her second keuring, she went on to be named keur eligible and high scoring mare, plus was selected for the National Mare Show in Ermelo. At the National Show, she qualified for the final ring of the top 11 mares, eventually placing sixth of all Dutch mares in 2014. Gazania then went into training for her IBOP, and, on November 18th, she fulfilled her requirements for her keur status, scored an 83.5 in her IBOP, and was top dressage IBOP of the day, and one of the top 10 dressage IBOPs in Holland this year. Unbelievable! A little history: Gazania hails from our mareline. Her great granddam is the one and only Charites, Orchis’s dam. In the winter of 2008, or thereabouts, I visited my favorite breeder in Holland, the ever-charming Gerard Vervoorn. He showed me this incredible coming-two-year-old filly, Bertolonia. I had to have her. We agreed on a price. Well, as the months went on and my friend didn’t send me the wire transfer information to send him the money, I became a little confused. Long story short, he just didn’t want to sell the mare. And, I can’t blame him. She went on to score a 90/85 or something outrageous at her keuring. But, I did convince Gerard to sell me the mare’s first foal: Gazania. (Carol and I also fell in love with her second foal, but that’s the next blurb!) The moral of the story...everyone’s happy. We bred Gazania to the exciting young horse champion, Eye Catcher, and she’s due with an April foal, which, if things go according to plan, will be born in the USA--we’re planning on importing Gazania this January.



Charmeur Florencio

Florestan I

Litchy "elite sport pref prest."
Trendy "elite pref." Jazz "preferent"
Endy "keur pref prest."
Bertolonia "keur eligible" Santano Sandro Hit
P.Siltana van hof Olympica "ster prok pref"
Tiarella "ster prok" Biotop
Charites "ster pref. prest"
This is a picture of Hyacintia and her dam, the mare I thought I owned for a year and a half, Bertolonia. Carol and I were in Holland in April, on our way to or back from a vacation in Rome. Since no visit to Holland is complete for me without stopping for a visit with Gerard, we of course stopped to say hello and see the horses. Well, Hyacintia had been born on Easter of that year and was two days old when we saw her. Carol and I both fell in love immediately. She was ours before we left in the rental car. Hyacintia is now a coming three-year-old and will be prepared for the keuring season by my friend Wim Cazemier. Wim has told me to make my reservations for Ermelo now...let’s hope he’s right! This year, Hyacintia will be bred to one of my favorite stallions in Holland, Chagall D and R. We plan to leave this mare in Holland in order to access the bloodlines we just can’t get here


LaVita “keur pref ”

Elcaro Zeoliet "keur"

G. Ramiro Z "pref."

Sargab "keur pref. prest"
Ritacara "keur pref." Lucky Boy "pref"
Dicara "ster pref."
Goya "keur pref." Belisar Saros xx "keur"
Sinthia "keur"
Capriche "ster pref." Ursus
We imported LaVita as a coming two year old. LaVita's breeder also bred the KWPN approved stallion Jeraldo. LaVita's 3/4 sister earned a spot as a finalist in the PAVO cup. In 1996, LaVita was the #1 star mare in the USA and Canada. In 2000, LaVita fulfilled her last requirement for the keur status by successfully completing her IBOP and ranking third in North America for all IBOPs. She has had a colt, Pejuta, by Ichnaz that was sold before he was born. Her second colt by Idocus, Rocco SSF, sold at 7 days old and placed in the top 5 foals of 1998 in the NA/WPN keurings. Gert van der Veen described him as "a perfect foal." Rocco went on to again place in the top ten as a two year old, and, as a four year old, he became the #1 gelding in North America for jumping and the #3 gelding for conformation. Rocco has gone on to win high point repeatedly at both Training and First Level, as well as placing well in the young jumper divisions. He's now schooling 4th level with Babs Putnam. LaVita's 2000 foal, her first filly, Thea Vita SSF, by Olympic Vincent, was one of three first premium foals at the New England keuring in 2000 and the first foal we kept for our breeding program. Thea has gone on to her ster status, ranking among the top five for movement in North America. Thea is now the much beloved riding mare of Stephanie Sitzberger. LaVita's fourth foal, Udo SSF, by Contango, was sold before he was born to Grand Prix Dressage rider, Melinda Johnson. Our fifth LaVita foal, Viva Vita SSF, by Hierarch is a filly that we intended to keep for our breeding program, but, ironically, we were persuaded to send her to a friend, Anna van Sergae, in California. Anna loved this filly and called me nearly daily to tell me what joy she brought to her. Anna died unexpectedly a short time after Viva arrived. I can only be thankful that one of our horses brought such happiness to her, even if it were for such a short time. Viva is now in dressage training in California. In 2003, for Father's Day, Carol bought me a breeding to my favorite dressage stallion in the world, Contango! The resulting filly, ZaVita SSF, was first premium and top foal in New England. In 2007, she went on to be the high scoring star mare in New England. We've retained this mare for our breeding program and as my riding horse. LaVita's 2007 filly is by Freestyle. Cara Vita SSF is a dark, modern, lovely filly who has become part of devoted equine enthusiast, Brook Adam’s, collection of SSF horses. Breeding plans did not worked out so well with Ms. LaVita for a couple of years. In 2007, she lost both a Jazz and a Donatelli pregnancy. In 2008, we were fortunate to get her pregnant to Farrington, but she foaled while we were on vacation, only to deliver a stillborn filly. LaVita’s rewarded us the following year with one of her best foals, a super fancy UB-40 colt, Fantastico SSF, who also stole Brook Adam’s heart. Fantastico has gone on to compete super successfully in the training level division at New England shows with Cindi Rose Wylie. With my cancer diagnosis, 2010 and 2011 were difficult years for us, and we were forced into making some really difficult decisions about selling some horses to downsize while I was sick. Our good friends, Sean and Melissa Hardy, offered to buy LaVita to start their own Dutch breeding program. So, already pregnant for another UB-40 foal, LaVita moved to Vernon, VT, with Sean and Melissa. She went on to produce a super UB-40 filly, Giada, who became a new ster mare this year and passed her IBOP with one of the highest scores in North America. Sean and Melissa also produced LaVita’s third Contango foal, Isabella. She was just the top yearling filly in North America this year, further cementing LaVita’s ability to produce top offspring over nearly two decades of breeding. And, with more joy than I can express, I’m pleased to announce that LaVita is returning to Shooting Star Farm in 2015. We love this mare and have missed her. Hopefully, she has one more filly to contribute to our program.

ZaVita SSF

 ZaVita SSF "ster" Contango “pref.” Contender Calypso II
SPS Adisa III Kronprinz
LaVita "keur pref." Elcaro Zeoliet  "keur"
Ritacara "keur pref."
Goya "keur pref." Belisar
Capriche “ster pref.”

ZaVita SSF, aka, Princess, is the farm favorite. She is the only daughter we've retained from our foundation mare, LaVita; so, she's a favorite emotionally as well. Princess's sire, Contango, is one of my favorite dressage sires of all time. He won both the dressage and jumping portions of his 100 Day Testing, and went on to become a very successful Grand Prix dressage competitor. When Contango's first foals hit the ground in Holland, breeders were more than a little skeptical—these foals were not necessarily pretty or modern in type. Consequently, and, fortunately, our friends at Iron Spring Farm were able to acquire him for American breeders. Once Contango's first offspring came under saddle, the Dutch breeders were very sorry that he had left Holland. All of his offspring "wear the bridle"; they're incredibly ridable. Contango has shot up the KWPN's dressage index. Knowing my admiration for Contango, Carol bought me a breeding as a Father’s Day present, with the understanding I would keep the resulting foal as a riding horse for me. This mare was, literally, born on my feet during a break from school the next year. I feel incredibly fortunate to have a Contango daughter in our breeding program. This mare was first premium and top foal in New England in 2004. In 2007, she became a ster mare and was the top ster mare at the New England keuring. In March of 2009, she produced a super filly by UB-40, EzaVita SSF. Instead of rebreeding Princess, we put her back into training to fulfill Carol’s intention, for her to become my riding horse. As luck and life would have it, the summer we put her back into work, I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer, and spent the next year undergoing surgeries and chemo therapy. Somewhere around May of that following year, my good friend Jane Hannigan showed up and insisted on restarting Princess so she would be ready for me when I could ride again. So, in August of 2011, just a little bit before I was cleared to be doing much since my last surgery, I started riding my mare again at Jane’s. At first, it was only 15 minutes at a time, but, over the next two years, we really progressed and started schooling some upper level collection. Because the hour and a half drive, one way, was starting to take a toll on my life, I decided to bring Princess home. Over the next year, we got back to some solid basics and were really starting to put it all together, when she injured her check ligament and needed months off. In my depression over not being able to ride, I bred her. She took, and is due with a Governor foal in the Spring. I’m not sure what our plan is at this point. Her genetics are super for our program, and I have a coming four-year-old to be riding this year, so my beloved Princess, who was a major healing force in my recovery from Cancer, may well stay in the broodmare band. Regardless, she’s earned a place here for life.



Sir Sinclair

Lord Sinclair



 Krishna “ster sport”

 Flemmingh “pref”

Christa “ster prest.”

O.Wendy “keur”

 Jazz “pref”

 Cocktail “pref”

 Charmante “keur”

 J.Wendy “ster pref”

 Ulft “keur”

 Wendy “keur pref prest.”

I don’t have a good picture of BoWendy. This is Godot SSF, her super star UB-40 son. We had the good fortune to buy BoWendy as a two-year-old, from our good friend, Loucky Hagens, when she was transitioning her breeding program back to Holland. The Wendy mareline, from the van Helvoirt family, is famous for producing many approved stallions, national champion mares, top-selling auction foals, and top sport horses. It is one of the most sought-after dressage breeding lines in the KWPN studbook. While carrying BoWendy, her dam contracted a virus that left BoWendy blind in one eye, so she can never be presented for studbook approval. Normally, we do not retain mares for our breeding program that are not predicated; however, we have made an exception for BoWendy. She is the best mover of all our mares. She is powerful, supple, and uber expressive. Her first colt for us, Franco SSF, by UB-40, is an absolutely outrageous mover. “Jimmy” was purchased by Kim Scudder as her next up-and-coming dressage project. BoWendy’s second colt, Godot SSF (pictured above) is an even better mover than his mother. “Sammy” was just number one gelding in North America this year, with the highest score for movement of any adult horse on the continent. We’ve sold him twice, but I’ve backed out of the sale both times. Now that he’s under saddle and demonstrating just how talented he really is, we’ve turned down some huge offers...but I’m not sure how much longer I can last. As John Sanzo says, “Horses are born and spend the rest of their lives trying to kill themselves.” There’s something to that message. At any rate, the current plan is that I’ll keep Sammy for my riding horse, and try to achieve my goal of riding an SSF horse at FEI level. BoWendy had a third UB-40 son, Ionesco SSF, another incredible mover. “Frenchy” is the pride and joy of our long-time friend, Sara Phinney Carter. And, Canadian Grand Prix rider, Eiren Crawford, already has first option on BoWendy’s fourth UB-40 foal, due in the spring of 2015. One of these years, this mare is going to produce a filly that we keep for our program!


Mistral "ster"

Vincent Pretendent "keur"

La Faquin xx

Leronia "ster"
Oleprinses "keur pref prestatie" Duc de Normandie "pref"
Kroonprinses "keur pref prestatie"
Iberis "elite" El Corona Amor "preferent"
Tobertha "keur pref. prest."
Wikke Lector
Petra (x Doruto "pref")
Every once and a while, someone has a mare that I covet. Yes, covet. Have to have. It’s a flaw, I know and readily admit it. Mistral is one of those mares. She was imported by Zondervan Farm in 1999. When I saw her picture and read her pedigree, I immediately filed her away as a mare I needed in my program. Well, as fate would have it, here she is, in her Golden years, at Shooting Star Farm. Mistral received her ster status in Holland in 1998, placing first in her class and was invited to the National Mare Show in Ermelo, where she was named Reserve Champion. At the 2000 Keuring in Houston, Texas, she received her provisional keur designation and was named best mature mare. The jury praised her for being a strong, modern mare with an outstanding powerful hind leg. One of the big reasons I coveted this mare is because of her pedigree. Mistral's sire was the stallion, Olympic Vincent. He ranked in the top of the dressage index for years. He also had an impressive dressage career in Holland, most notably being named Dutch Champion at the 1989 Grand Prix, at Haaksbergen. Modern breeders may recognize his son, Cabochon, more than they do Vincent himself. However, Vincent continues to show up in the dam lines of top young horses, especially crossed with Jazz blood. On her dam’s side, Mistral carries the blood of the very valuable, El Corona, who died young, but was a prime example of the early KWPN dressage-breeding niche, Amor x Doruto. To top this off, Mistral has Doruto again in her bottom line, Vincent x El Corona x Lector x Doruto. For anyone who has studied Dutch pedigrees as much as I have, this is a dream pedigree for a foundation mare. Mistral's first foal, a colt by Welt Hit II, advanced to the Second Ring in the KWPN Stallion Selection in 2002. He was a semi-finalist in the PAVO Cup in August, 2003. For Zondervan Farm, Mistral produced the licensed stallion,Thatcher, also sired by Welt Hit II, and the top ten ster mare, V Eight, by 00 Seven. Between the “V” year and the “H” year, Mistral produced no foals. We have been fortunate enough to get two foals from this great old mare so far, Ignazio SSF, by Don Tango B, and Jubilation SSF, by UB-40, both of whom were the high scoring foals in New England at their respective keurings. Mistral, coming 21-years-old, is due in early July with another UB-40 foal. We are hoping for a filly to keep!


Nemels "keur elite" Samber Pericles xx "preferent" Relic xx (x War Relic xx)
Queen of Peru xx
Tina D. "ster pref prestatie Ordonnans
Furora "elite pref" Lector "keur" Cartoonist xx
Barola "ster preferent"
Aurora "keur sport pref prest" Nimmerdor "preferent"
Martuna "keur pref prest"

OK. Here’s another mare I coveted and have followed for years, ever since she was selected and sold in the Borculo auction in 1995. And, through the graciousness and generosity of Amy Sabino, Nemels ended up on our doorstep, literally. It would be hard to find a more proven mareline than this preferent-and-prestatie-laden bottom line in any KWPN horse, let alone a “platenbont”. Nemels herself will eventually be preferent and prestatie--she has a dozen offspring competing in dressage, jumpers, and eventing. As I mentioned, as a foal, Nemels was selected for the Elite Borculo Auction. Only the top foals out of the best marelines are selected for this auction. She went on to earn her ster predicate in the USA, making the top ten of her year, and successfully performed her IBOP to become a keur mare. Having gone through the same radiographs as an approved KWPN stallion, she is also elite. This mare’s pedigree, too, is a Dutch pedigree devotee’s dream. (Are you noticing a theme here?) Her sire, Samber, is the most famous progenitor of Pinto sport horses in the world. Nemels is one of his very best daughters. On the bottom side, her dam’s sire, Lector (also seen in Mistral’s pedigree), was a top producer of dressage horses in Holland. Behind him, there’s none other than the Stallion of the Century, Nimmerdor, who is known worldwide for producing top sport horses and being one of the most valuable names you can find in a KWPN pedigree. I am delighted that this mare made it to New Hampshire to end her breeding career. She is currently in foal to the Totilas son, Governor. I have ordered a Pinto filly. We’ll see what happens. Dutch horse enthusiast Sandy Harper has asked for first option on this foal, but I’m thinking the equine gods have aligned to bring Nemels and SSF together for a reason.

Eliscia SSF

Eliscia SSF “keur eligible” UB-40 Olivi "keur" Jazz "preferent"
Litchy "elite sport pref prest."
Kilucienne "keur sport pref prest" Mickelangelo
Tilucienne "keur pref prest"
LaLiscia xx "pref" Pass the Glass xx Buckpasser xx
Amerigo Lady xx
B.Pretentious xx Pretense xx
Obstinate xx

During our DBNA days, Tricia Smith contacted us and asked us if we’d lease her older Thoroughbred mare, LaLiscia. Much of breeding horses is fate and luck. This was one of our lucky days. LaLiscia has a royal Thoroughbred pedigree. She is inbred to the same horses that produced Furioso xx, and she has Hyperion xx in the third generation on the bottom and the seventh generation on top. There is no better Thoroughbred pedigree for producing sport horses than this. And, produce she did for us. Her first filly, Aerosmith SSF, by Iroko, went on to become keur-eligible and the top jumper mare in North America in her year. Her second filly, Carpe Diem SSF, by Farrington, was high point mare of her keuring, keur-eligible, and Reserve Champion of North America. Eliscia, “Lily”, is LaLiscia’s third and final filly, and I think her best. As a three-year-old, her brain wasn’t quite ready for the stress of the keuring and keuring prep, but, back as a four-year-old, she became keur-eligible, high score adult horse of the New England keuring, and one of the highest scoring mares in North America that year. I think this mare is one of the keys to the future of our breeding program. She has an athleticism and type that are exactly what the KWPN population wants from top Thoroughbred sport horses. Her first foal for us, Jelisco SSF, by Florianus, went on to be first premium and second highest scoring foal in New England this year. Currently, Lily is back under saddle in order to be ready to do her IBOP next fall to complete her keur status. Mark my words, though; this mare will produce some of our best horses, including a stallion prospect eventually.

Do these two next pedigrees look a little different to you? Well, they should! I don’t breed jumpers. I don’t think about jumpers. Because I’ve been to Holland so often and have studied Dutch horse breeding for so many years, I have a rudimentary knowledge of Dutch jumping pedigrees and selection criteria, but that’s it. So, what happened? I fell in love with a jumper stallion. And, to top it off, a German jumping stallion. Blame the chemo! During the late winter and spring of 2011, I was months into my six months of chemo. Judy Yancey invited me to go to Germany with her. My doctor’s gave me a week extra off from the chemo, and I went. It was a wonderful trip. So, Judy and I are at Gestut Sprehe. They have hundreds of stallions. Walking down one aisle, this horse magnetically drew me in. Without asking or hesitating, I opened his stall and went in. It was magic...or the anti-nausea meds. This three-year-old stallion completely entranced me. He was so beautiful and so kind, with such an intelligent and connecting eye, I was emotionally hooked. Then, I saw him jump. Done. I had to breed to him. I immediately started looking for a jumper mare I could lease or buy. If it hadn’t been for the sympathies people, including Carol, were feeling toward me because of the Cancer, I’m sure none of this would have gone down. Nonetheless, before you know it, Bart Henstra had agreed to lease me a keur mare from their top jumper line, and Katie Kuhn had agreed to lease me my favorite mare in her program. Suddenly, I was breeding two jumper mares to a dream stallion, Lyjanero. He was Reserve Champion of the Holsteiner licensing that year. Is super well bred. And a freaking jumping machine of supernatural proportions. Look him up on Youtube; look for his licensing footage.

Hamina SSF

Hamina SSF Lyjanero Landos Lord
Uta V
Urzona Casall
Piave III
Pamina VDL "keur" Nimmerdor "preferent" Farn "preferent"
Ramonaa "ster"
Jamina "ster preferent" Lord
Zarah XIV