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2018-2019 FOALS

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If you’re interested in one of our 2018 foals, give me a shout. We keep a list of people who want foals, and alert them in order of the available babies—we already have people on our list for this year and next. The sooner your name is on the list, the better chance you have of getting the foal you want. With nine foals coming this year and probably just as many next year, there will be plenty of top foals available!

2018 foals, in order of due dates—

Breeding plans for 2019 foals—

  • For Ferrero x Charmeur x Santano (in Holland)
  • Vivaldi x Governor x DeNiro (in Holland)
  • Gaudi x Freestyle x Jazz
  • Gaudi x UB-40 x Freestyle
  • Gaudi x Bon Bravour x Santano (first option taken)
  • Gaudi x Donatelli x Jazz
  • Gaudi x Contango x Elcaro
  • Don Olymbrio x UB-40 x Pass The Glass XX
  • Secret x Totilas x Jazz
  • Gaudi x Farrington x Pass The Glass XX
  • Gaudi x Sir Sinclair x Jazz
  • Gaudi x Rousseau x Jazz

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